Steemit Update [ June 13th, 2022 ] : Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 2 - Week 2

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We now move on to the second week of Season 2 of the Steemit Engagement Challenge.

There are seven more contests from the Engagement Challenge Communities.

Make sure you enter as many of the contests as you can, and vote and comment on other entries, to be in with a chance of winning the prize votes from @steemcurator01.

Steemit Engagement Challenge Contests

Here are the contests for the second week of Season 2 of the Engagement Challenge…

These contests will run from today until 11.59pm UTC, on Sunday, June 19th, 2022.

To have the best chance of winning in the Steemit Engagement Challenge you should enter as many of the contests as possible - but you can only enter one contest each day.

For your entries to count in the Challenge you need to receive at least 10 upvotes and at least 5 relevant and proper comments - so encourage all your friends and fellow community members to vote and comment on your posts!

You must be in #club5050, #club75 or #club100 to take part in the Challenge.

Make sure you also carefully check the rules of each individual contest.

Steemit Engagement Challenge Rewards

The Challenge communities must ensure they promptly check and comment on all contest entries. The minimum they should check for are #club status, Steem exclusivity, plagiarism and bot use.

Additionally in Season 2 we are looking to the Mods to start giving a quality grading for contest entries. Mods should assess entries to their weekly contests and give a mark out of 10 according to the quality of the post and how well it meets the criteria of the contest.

@steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 will use the grades as additional guidance for voting on posts during the week, alongside #club status.

Remember though - votes are not guaranteed regardless of grade or #club status.

At the end of each weekly contest all seven Challenge communities should make a post on their community account announcing the three people who have demonstrated the most engagement in their weekly contest both through the quality of their contest post and the quantity and quality of their comments on other people’s contest posts.

These selected posts will receive additional prize votes from @steemcurator01/02.

For more details on the commenting, grading and selection of winners check this Engagement Challenge post…

We hope you are all enjoying taking part in Season 2 of the Steemit Engagement Challenge.

Look out for more news about the Challenge on @steemitblog and in the selected communities.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

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This is a very nice contest. Can't wait to participate!

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This is a good idea

Thanks bro.

god bless you


Waaow! Amazing!

Very interesting contest to be part of I must say...
Expect my entries soon

Season 2 of the Steemit Engagement Challenge. Thompson - Rampage 4.0 (Blue) Skin PNG


wow, I can't wait to participate

Kontes yg luar biasa 😍
Saya sangat berharap bisa mengikutinya

This is another interesting contest topic from various communities. This week promises to be great and interesting. Thank you @steemitblog for the update.

Thank you @steemitblog for this week's edition.
You guys are really putting in a lot to see that steemit is enjoyable to all.
Best regards

I love this website


Wow another week with great competitions. Thanks to the Steemit team for this engagement challenge because with the help of this competition we can see a lot of improvement in us. We learn a lot from this competition. Thanks again dear steemit team.


I'm participating right a way, this is accepted, thanks for the update.

Thank you for the update @steemitblog, its indeed a brown new week and with a lot of interesting contest to keep us busy for the week. The engagement initiative is really a wonderful one. We appreciate you efforts.

They are really wonderful indeed bro. It's gonna be a busy week.


Great News! This Update Fix lot of Bugs

Thank you for another round of the steemit engagement challenge update. We move

Wow this is second week.we steem on

Again back to back new and interesting contest launched by all the selected community. Hope everyone have to participate in this steemit Engagement Challenge week 2.


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We are the hope!

We have a wonderful theme for those who love their style. Steemit Azerbaijan Steemit Enagement Challenge ||💛💙||Season2, Week #2 ||💛💚|| My Choice is My Fashion !!!

Un saludo amigos 😊 felicidades a los que han podido participar en esta segunda temporada de los steemit Engagement Challenge.

He tenido muchos problemas de interés por lo que no soy muy activa en estos momentos, espero poder activarme con mis post de calidad tan pronto tenga buen internet.

Aún así tengo una duda o pregunta con respecto a la temporada pasada,

Quienes resultaron ganadores de mes? No he podido ver a los afortunados ganadores, sobretodo porque fueron 28 días continuos cumpliendo reglas y teniendo constancia por lo que deseo saber quienes resultaron ganadores .


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very informative sir