Downvoting non-engligh post that don't tag the language

in en •  3 years ago  (edited)

Please tag the ISO 639-2 Code , ISO 639-1 Code or English name of language of your post.

If your post is in english use the tag #en #eng or #english

Korean : #ko or #korean
French : #fr or #french
Italian : #ita or #italian
German : #de #ger #deu or #german
Spanish : #es #spa or #spanish
Thai : #th #tha or #thai

Full list here:

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  ·  3 years ago (edited)

The German speaking Steemians have agreed on #deutsch as main tag, since #de stands for Germany, while users in Austria #at and Switzerland #ch also speak German, and would regard this #de as a typical German paternalism.

P.S.: Tag it with #kr otherwise our korean community will not find the post ;-)

Haha wait so he didn't even research the actual tags these user use? SMH

no :-D

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Why should languages be in tags at all? Wouldn't the language be better in the metadata of the post and have hivemind support? This seems a bit short sighted

I would happily try to get to support a language field in the posting/display mechanics and allow a user a default. I think this is a much better solution than threats.

I'm done waiting for frontends to do something about it.

Literally no one has asked us that i can remember.

I guess that's on the project list now?

No one has still asked us for this technically... transisto seems to be implementing his own system of sorts

I'm asking for it :)

Flagged for abusing the language tags.
This post is not in Korean nor French.

yeah, can't use #tag in body without them showing up as tags


not understand that.

@transisto friend I don't want to shown you down. Just said not understand, but i want to understand.
If you get hurts for that, I apologize. Take it easy Man.

What if the post uses a tag that implies the language? For example, when communities is released, it will be possible to set the language for the community. In a sense, the community tag could be used to derive the language.

no balls to flag #cn, aye ?

I don't think he's aware they exist.

Is English the official language of the Steem blockchain?

No, That's just me saying I won't downvote for that reason.

It seems so, but I would prefer diversity on this platform.

This can work when multiple languages in one tag. But of a tag is dedicated to a certain language, matching the language and the tag at condensor level will work better. Good idea.

As far as I know many Indonesian speakers use #indonesia as tag. Which is logical, because in Indonesian, we called our language with same name: Indonesia.

Who came up with such silly tags which clearly indicate the "who" has no idea about certain languages? @transisto

Is this an official announcement for the community which language tags to be used? Otherwise the big boys are downvoting wrong usage? I am confused! Or shall I say baffled by posts with no meaning (nothing new though....)

Let me wait until I post again with forbidden #deutsch tag - will flag myself then.

Deutsch is in the list

hmmm I only see #de #ger #deu or #german - the real tag Germans use aka #deutsch is not included in the post at least- but no worries.

I'm assuming standards will emerge before tag collision happens

German community uses #deutsch for german. please add and do not downvote this tag.

Your reckless and irresponsible downvoting is causing many users to leave the steem ecosystem. If you don't respect the language of another country, don't downvote without explicit criteria neither. Why should others follow your standards? Why should you be attacked by you? What you are doing is pretending to be a big headed frog in the well.

Yes some people should leave steem for others to take their place, they were only here for the rewards.

Who is in your opinion the most irresponsible upvoter?

If you think so, isn't it right to find and downvote them? You have declared that postings that do not use English will be downvoted. Do you think this discriminatory statement is appropriate as a board of director?

As you've already experienced, new users aren't coming in here. Because of users like you downvote without reading elaborate post.

You don't need to give a reason when complimenting. But When you attack someone, you have to be clear about the criteria and why.

  • Your criteria: posts that just look like a lot of rewards, non English posts without tags you want.

If you are responsible as a member of the board, please leave comments at least when you downvote someone.

What you need to get from the community is not antipathy but empathy.

I'm leaving comments most of the time when I downvote and I decided to make that post to be able to simply refer to it when needed.

I would love if you could try answering my question

Who is in your opinion the most irresponsible upvoter?

Did you leave comment "most of the time" when you downvote? I think that cannot be the excuse. Because every Korean community members couldn't find your comment with your downvote.

Here is my answer to your question about irresponsible upvoter.

(1) consuming contents without upvote
(2) self-vote with delegated SP from others
(3) upvote the posting of SP whales to get upvote from them

What is your opinion about that?