danielsaori froze dustsweeper's users' money just to appease Dan Notestein ("blocktrades","themarkymark").

in dustsweeper •  2 years ago  (edited)

Dustsweeper last upvoted dust at 2020-8-9, 12 days ago.
That was also the last day when dustsweeper's delegators were paid
Danielsaori did find the time to claim dustsweeper rewards twice since then, manually, 2020-8-12
and at 2020-8-13

No warning, no refund to customers, no further rent for delegators.
Now just wait for the powerdown, transfer/s to exchange/s and expect to never get your money back.
danielsaori already did as much in his personal account:

He, and dustsweeper are still active on Dan Notestein's "community" controlled fork, so at least he can be downvoted there.
I expect it to not yield customers' and delegators' money back, but it is better than no action at all.
Obviously, if you are a delegator, you should pull your delegation back (undelegate/delegate 0), if you can.

update by edit:
danielsaori did resume dustsweeper's operation in 2020-8-23, soon past this post.

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