Bangkok "Chao Phraya" River Timewarp

in dtube •  3 years ago  (edited)

Eine Fahrt auf dem Chao Phraya Fluss von Bangkok ist sehr beeindruckend. Es gibt viel zu sehen und es macht sehr viel spass. Das Video habe ich im mit der GoPro aufgenommen. Diesmal im Timewarp Modus mit 15 facher Geschwindigkeit.
Viel Spass!

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Those long narrow boats are pretty cool and quick too. We dont have those kind over here!

I wanted to try those when I was there in Nov but the lady was afraid of motion sickness. 😎

Oooh... reminds me of the steemfest trip where I was on the river a few times.
The green bridge is something familiar for sure.

Sehr schönes Video.
Gruß vom @bitandi

I love Bangkok! That video reminds me of the steemfest 4 river boat dinner. You were not a steemfest four were you? We have not met have we?

Anway. I really like your videos. Very cool style! I think I talk too much in mine! lol

Are you in Bangkok now? I'll be coming to Bangkok in about 2 weeks. If you are there we can meet up if you'd like.

Have a great day!


Are you in Bangkok now?

Unfortunately I am no longer in Bangkok, currently I am in Kuala Lumpur but in two weeks I will be back in Thailand. Maybe there will be a meeting, I would be very happy to meet you.

Very cool. Lets stay in touch. I love meeting my fellow steemers as I travel the world. I should be in Bangkok in about 2 weeks also. Already have like 3 other steemit people to meet. Maybe we can organize a little meet up. It will be a lot of fun. Are part of the team Malaysia? Do you know @bitrocker2020 AKA Simon? He's a super cool and friendly guy.

Du hast einen Vote von @portalvotes bekommen.

Du hast ein Upvote von mir bekommen, diese soll die Deutsche Community unterstützen. Wenn du mich unterstützten möchtest, dann sende mir eine Delegation. Egal wie klein die Unterstützung ist, Du hilfst damit der Community. DANKE!

Hinter dem für diesen Beitrag viel zu finsteren Titelbild verbergen sich so schöne Bilder. Anklicken kann einfach nur empfohlen werden!!! ;-)

Bangkok ist immer wieder schoen.