Ferrari FXX K Evo appearance at International car show at Birmingham NEC

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We went over to the International show at Birmingham NEC at the weekend.

This is the first major Car show of the year in the UK and @s0u1 and went along to have a look at some of the fabulous unveilings at the show.

Of course we were excited to see the new Ferrari hybrid - 1000BHP with a V12 engine and small electric motor.

Impossible to see inside, I think that was because a lot of the car may still be either in development or just waiting for everything to be finished and polished. Or, as I'd put it, final editing.

I loved the car. It is a piece of pure art. The lines are sleek and it looks like it's already going fast while it's standing still.

I also like the little touches, the Ferrari horse that stands off the back of the car, standing proud. (I do think the person cleaning the car is going to have to be exceptionally careful not to break pieces of it off, but it looks brilliant).

There was a lot of attention for this car and rightly so. We queued for a few minutes to get into the enclosure and they were still queueing when we came out again. The FXX K Evo is causing quite a buzz of excitement.

Just 30 of the cars will be made and I'm sure Ferrari will be able to say "Sorry, Sold Out!" in no time flat - whatever the price tag.

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yah maybe i will buy 1 if tron will hit 100$ 😂😂😂 and of course if i buy some tron first time 🤣🤣

I think the pre-order book will already be over-subscribed ;)



Interesting and inspiring. Thanks.

great car


Wow, that is one beautiful car!

It is! It's beautiful from all angles.

I'll take one what a beautiful car

It's a work of art! The guy 'guarding' it thought so too.

if only I had the intrigue to see it was very happy, where we very rarely use it

I've enjoyed watching this video! Thank you for that!!/v/faisalmakruf/d3c129x8