How to get your desired username in Dtube ?

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Hello Dtubers, today we would like to talk about one of the less known features of Dtube, which is account creation. Most of the old Steem users had the privilege to keep their name on Dtube and most of the names got migrated to Mainnet as a perk being an old-time supporter of DTube.

Account creation by burning Dtube Coin

Before directly jumping to the topic we would like to talk a little about asset ownership. In Dtube we want users to have full control over their content, accounts, and tokens. In the last couple of years, it's clear to see the impact of Blockchain on asset ownership. True asset ownership is an important concept in a thriving economy, giving people the chance to benefit from holding or trading assets and we know that since the beginning of the internet there is a race to have cool names. They are just a few characters but it represents your internet identity or your brand.

We wanted to create a system that will benefit the entire economy inspiring from these fundamentals and provide value to the Dtube coin and add more utility to it.

Any Dtube account can create more accounts by burning some Dtube coins. The burned coins will be permanently out of supply and you will have full ownership of the name and account.

Pricing of accounts

The current system of account pricing is pretty simple shorter names require more Dtube coin to be burned to obtain that username.

Nb. of CharactersBurn Amount (DTC)

Full List up to 50 characters

Prices get lower and lower afterward. and these numbers can always be changed by chain leaders. But since we consider these as assets we will be extra cautious doing these changes.

How Can I create an account?

First of all, you need to go to!/newaccount and check if your desired name is available or not and see the price.

The second step is generating keys after you generate new keys and save them properly in a secure way all you need to do is click create an account and the account price will be permanently burned from your account and from the supply. Please beware once the creation is complete no changes can be done all the accounts are on the chain and immutable.

Creating accounts for friends

If you are referring a friend or recruiting someone and want to give them a Dtube account in the most secure way they need to share the Public Key and save the Private key somewhere secure.

Anyone can enter the

generate keys. Basically, if someone wants an account all they have to do is generating and saving keys and sharing the public key with the referrer so they can create the account in the most secure way Private key associated with that public key will be the same and your account will be created without any security issues.

I don't know anyone What should I do?

Go to signup

The best solution is to get a free account first. After you successfully complete sign up process if you want a cooler name you should get your Dtube coins into your account. If you don't know how to get Dtube coins checking our wiki it will speed up the process.

After you complete all the steps above all you have to do is go to

and create your account.

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Espero que sigan ingresando más personas a la cadena de bloques que tiene Dtube.

thanks for sharing

I'm trying to change my display name (not username) on DTube just like I did on Steemit, but I can't find the option anywhere.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge.