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Witty's Music Page

Wanted to separate the two and start keeping them all in the same spot. Hard as hell scrolling through all that mess I created lol! So welcome to my musician page. I use free beats and do the shitty mixes myself because I don't exactly have a DJ (at the moment) nor a studio of any kind of quality. This one was done with a Samson Go Mic and Real Tech Hi Def Headset on my laptop. Sounds ok to me and gets the message across. Wouldn't even be doing this but #snookmademedoit and @saffisara demanded it. So, here it is. #inspiredby a #freewrite prompt from @mariannewest. Beat is called 'Oriental Express' and I found it on Soundcloud.

She's bangin, got the angles
She like a cruel sexy tango
Got those murderous labels
unchecked with no limit cables
always with the red dress representin a hot mess
(I) love the crimson crest so give me another conquest
tested and blessed by the best puttin their worries to rest
unlockin the treasure chests ya we stayin obsessed
cuz I - never look back its fact somebody's got mine
I watch the fronts for stunt pullers on the back nine
clap it up it's snack time hungry wolves like a black sign
pack growlin and howlin in this mother fukn paradigm
darts laced with strychnine immunities in our bloodlines
drunk like 100 proof moonshine we silhouettes in the moonlight
ninja moves and a sharp bite eliminate your whole playwright
cuz I got all you snakes in my sights

You ain't got shit on me
You ain't a victim
Ain't got no sympathy
ain't nothin new to me
ain't nothin new to me

Fuck those distractions and bullshit interactions
another red dress just shakin her ass (and)
I sewed one top of the line it just went in the trash
like I can't see the real you all dramatic it's natural
told you long ago about my mother fukn darkside
so hell nah, I never once lied
I even put you on a pedestal, had you amplified
you chose your role snubbed me and we eventually died
But I got a family to feed, no time for limpin
we all sacrifice and roll the dice to be steady pimpin
clip through the killin fields now you trippin we winnin
you know exactly who I was since the very beginning
rather be grinning but the dresses got me red
every time I turn around they got me turnin my head
so I focus on the bloodlines and ties instead
I know what you heard but you ain't heard what I said

Want More?

I have a profile on both Soundcloud and Choon. If you feel like wandering over to Soundcloud, just click here and be taken away! No it's not Calgon. LMAO! For those Choon artisits out there, feel free to add me to a playlist if you like. Or not. Think I'll just put this one on Choon and forgo the Soundcloud one. Running out of space over there last I checked. STeeM oN mofo's!

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Yes it's me.

You've got me picturing a full out music video as I listen and read this. Yup, there were hand gestures. 😁

So I'll resist the temptation to quote a ton of sections since who the hell wants to re-read their post in the comments?

But this:

But I got a family to feed, no time for limpin
we all sacrifice and roll the dice to be steady pimpin

Damn Straight.🤗

Okay fine, this one too. (But I'll stop here, promise.)

I know what you heard but you ain't heard what I said

Why is it some are willing to believe anything from any source but not want to at least listen to their partner?

^^ What she said.

Thank turned out FAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome! Spittin the bars fire style. :D

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so glad you got back to your music - i know you wanted to do it! and your mind cleared enough to set some time for it!

get it Witty! hehehehe

so impressed! sounds legit!

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