Doggo bath day

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My dog is extremely compliant during baths. She doesn't like water, she jumps over tiny puddles even when we go on short walks and she absolutely hates the rain. it is clear to me that if it was left up to her that she would never take a bath and would prefer to just sit around stinking up the furniture until the end of time.

It is over the course of many years that I have trained her that this process has to happen and these days she doesn't even resist when the time comes for the dreaded bathtime that happens around once a week.


It might sound unusual to anyone living in the west but it is actually quite unusual for bathrooms here to have bathtubs at all. There really isn't much reason to have that here as everyone just showers quickly and sitting in a tub of water basking in your own filth isn't something that appeals to many South East Asians. Also, the weather is almost always very hot here and using as much water as is required to fill up a bathtub is considered to be wasteful, which it is.

My condo just happened to have a tub and I have never used it to take a bath for me, or for my dog. It does help a bit in letting Nadi (my dog) realize that this is the bathing area and she is to stay in there until instructed otherwise.


When all the soap has been removed from her I will leave her in the tub for a few minutes to allow her to drip dry and she just looks at me with those perpetually sad looking eyes until the next phase of our cleaning process begins. This time I accidentally got her into a really cute pose and told her to "stay" as I went out to get my camera.

She is such a good dog. Even though she couldn't see me anymore she held the pose until I returned.


At this point she is getting really excited because we have done this enough times that she is well aware of the fact that the torture is nearly over and is going to be followed up with a bunch of treats as well as belly rubs. But not before we go through the hair drying process which I think she dislikes a lot more than the water.

After all that excitement and the treats are all ate up, she will go and find one of her many beds and lies down for one of her many sleeps of the day.


She has a total of 5 beds in my small apartment but the one she likes the most is an area that was actually originally designed for my feet. I don't move her, I move my legs around her. We spent a few hours relaxing in this position until I switched off the TV and this is when she can tell by the sound that the TV makes that it is time for us to move to the bedroom. How did I ever end up with such an amazing and well-behaved doggo!?

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