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This distribution model is quite unique, and completely risk & stake based. We believe we have re-invented the coin-shuffle and proud to present to everyone the BOOSTER SMART TOKEN (Booster Block Explorer)


So you want to earn the BOOSTER SMART TOKEN? - Then you have 2 options, either use BOOSTER to promote your post or DELEGATE STEEMPOWER to BOOSTER and earn STEEM/SBD/BOOSTER-TOKENS every day, up to 10 times per day! AWESOME!

  • BOOSTER TOOKENS are distributed at 1:1 TOKEN:TOKEN. We have completely eliminated the USD or BTC Value in this coin-shuffle. The point is to distribute in a brand new & unique way that contributes to buy-pressure on the STEEM token.

  • Example: You promote your post with 40 SBD and 10 STEEM, so you will be gifted 40+10 = 50 Booster Tokens even if STEEM or SBD is worth more than the other in other conversions, so pay attention to price activity.

  • Example: You Delegate SteemPower to booster and make in a day 30 SBD and 20 STEEM, So BOOSTER will gift you 30+20 = 50 BOOSTER TOKENS!


We Love our Customers, our Partners, the Delegators & Technology, So Get as much BOOSTER TOKENS as you can, while the getting in is EASY. Each Booster Token is liquid & can be traded at This Exchange.


A Booster Upvote is worth a LOT of MONEY, so much in fact that 99% of our users walk away with more in their pockets than what they risked when using BOOSTER UPVOTE BOT! So when you reach the MAGIC number in your STAKING wallet, you will receive up to 10 % Discounts when you USE BOOSTER!


Are you using the richlist?

It can be downloaded with this:

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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That’s really awesome..!! Get a lot of tokens sound great ..!! Just let me a little bit of time to increase my SP and I will make a Delegation for sure to know about the results of the tokens..!! Thanks a lot for share this great info..!!!


Hi, @booster

I sent one transfer as 2 STEEM


I entered current round then round finished. But you didn't vote me.

Please check it and refund me 2 STEEM.


Transaction Info : 35702616 / bbd91f19cbbd5f83b3b00a1e3f97237fdc1b4db6

Thanks for using @edensgarden!

You got a 94.44% upvote from @luckyvotes courtesy of @elektroyazilim!

Hey guys, it looks like you somewhow missed my last bid. Can you please look into it? I sent you 4 Steem some 40 minutes ago but I didn´t get any upvote in that round and I cannot see the bid in the current round either. Thank you.

Hi @booster, I noticed to created @pinkyandspiky account. I'm the creator of Pinky and Spiky comic characters. Can I have private owner key to this account please?

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Is The Token Tradeable?

hello @booster I have made a mistake today!
I have sent two bids for one post by mistake first bid was 5 steems and you have upvoted thy post for that round and second time i have sent you 20 steem for the same post but you haven't refund the amount please check and refund

here is the post link

Oh wow this is awesome! I use the booster upvote bot quite often and will be Staking most of the BOOSTER Tokens I receive for the 10% upvote discount, I all ready Staked my first 6 BOOSTER Tokens Received ! Woot Woot! To the Moon with BOOSTER!!!🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀
Upped 100% and resteemed

OMG can we add a BOOSTER logo to this/ Ill give u 0.1 booster iof you do! heck ill give you 1 if you make it look good and show us on :D

🚀🚀🚀Your link would not work for me it says the site is not private, so here is the design i made for you that you are welcome to use! hope you like it @ackza !🚀🚀🚀

For some reason i cant go to your link, and this post wont let me add the image , I will try one more time @ackza im sure you will like it!🚀🚀🚀

I created a cool BOOSTER for you from my image above!! I will show you on steemspeak you can pay me what you think is right , im sure you will like it, please give a mention when you use it if you want it would be much appreciated but not necessary! thanks @ackza So glad you liked it!!👍👍👍🙋

awesome heres 4 cents in upvotes, and like i promised, heres 1 booster token!

plus I sent you 50 Liquid ASS tokens, usualy i STAKE them to people but you lucked out! PLEASE hold them and dont sell them yet! they will be worth more AFTER scotbot initializatioN! MUCh more buy orders then and for much higher price!

come to i will send you more tokens :D

I have been staking all tokens received. It's my four year plan sorry another message was sent on your last post because i was having problems posting this one and was nt sure if you got it..👍👍👍

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Oh wow that's awesome thanks! Steemspeak won't work for me , but I'm so glad you liked it!! Thanks again🚀🚀🚀

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On it shows that you offer 100% upvote if I send you 10 steem (sounds too good to be true but had to try)

Using the orange button shown above I tried to pay my 10 steem but got an error message saying this bot doesn't accept steem payments so I did a manual transfer from my wallet with my post link in the memo field and from this I only received a 13% upvote on my post.

As I said before, this offer sounded too good to be true and I knew it was a risk to try, but something needs to be done about this as it is false advertising. Ultimately, it would be ideal if you could rectify this by giving me the 100% upvote as advertised, but if you are not prepared to honour this you should at least update your details with so that no one else falls prey this.

It says upvote to where people can see it.

It said it will only vote when it reaches 100 %

Ahh, I see where I read it incorrectly, thank you for clarifying.
It did vote before it reached 100% so I'm not sure how much more exposure the post would have got, but I appreciate you responding and at least I can put this down to a learning experience.


You got a upvote from @adityajainxds.

If you like to join the contest,please follow @adityajainxds for daily updates.

If you want that your post should be curated, join MINNOW POST PROMOTION - FREE UPVOTE,

Special Thanks to @majes.tytyty & @swedishdragon
We are pleased to announce that we have received a delegation of 500 SP from @majes.tytyty & 400 SP from
@swedishdragon,Without their support, encouragement, and delegation, we would not have been able to revitalize this project.

Request you to please Upvote , Follow , Resteem @majes.tytyty & @swedishdragon

What does staking them do exactly @booster

I bought 12 tokens and should I stake them @booster


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Nice platform I like it. You have promoted any one, I like it you think.

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What happened to the tokens

Hi, @booster

I sent one transfer as 5.511 STEEM


I entered current round then round finished. But you didn't vote me.

Please check it and refund me 5.511 STEEM.


Transaction Info : 35728561 / ad0d88281da5c7f10afb1e54f4ebc1630fbcb478

This is fantastic news and great initiative to reward users through tokens and bonus rewards. I never used your services but will use it tommorow for sure. I will also delegate soon. Appreciate if you can confirm the minimum amount for delegation and for bid too.
Thanks @booster

What is the magic number of bosster toekn that could be used on a post

This is real innovation for tokens

This is one of the best use cases for a SE token and I have been hoarding these and I am proudly in the top 10 to get that 10% and am wondering if instead of buying I should just use booster more

you missed an upvote for me with no refund 1 hour ago
please check

this is the bid
no upvote
please check

@booster, Great to see this Redefined and Smart Booster. Will look into it and definitely i will going to try it. Keep up the good work team and stay blessed.

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I put my bid in but got no vote @booster