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With the great spread of digital currencies and investor demand for them, and with the widespread popularity of Bitcoin as a digital currency, the recently popularized Ethereum is not just a digital currency in itself, but more than that! Ethereum is a complete system and software platform that acts as a decentralized internet and app store; That is, it is not under the control of one controlling party, although the majority of businesses and companies on the Internet are

built on a central system, but this system is operated by thousands of devices around the world. Such an independent electronic system certainly needs a digital currency to meet the computational needs required to run any application or program, and this is represented by the role of the digital currency Ether (ETH). The Ethereum currency was launched in 2015 in Switzerland by its founder Vitalik Buterin, and became available in the Arab region for the first time through the
(BitOasis) platform in February 2017, so that the Ethereum currency is just part of the Ethereum smart contract applications.[1] How does the Ethereum system work? Ethereum consists of an Internet browser, its own markup language, and a special payment system as well, and it allows its users to create applications on a system called (Blockchain), which is a distributed public ledger technology. Similar to smart phone applications and other cloud applications, but it is hosted on the Blockchain system and is not managed by a developer or central party, and it cannot be removed once it is placed on the Blockchain.[2] Smart Contracts, which is a special type Ethereum accounts are able to own the balance and send coins, and what distinguishes them is that the user cannot control them, and therefore they are also called self-applied tokens. Some of the most famous and largest digital currencies in the world, such as: (Chain Link), (Tether), (Shiba Inu), and others. [4] Ethereum and Bitcoin: Are they the same? As the first stable digital currency, Ethereum, on the other hand, is part of the Ethereum project. The most important differences between them
are as follows: [5] Both Bitcoin and Ethereum rely on Blockchain technology, which allows checking and confirming the record of each currency. Bitcoin and Ethereum operate on separate protocols, which means that some transactions that may be permitted on one system may not be permitted on the other. Ethereum is recognized through the Ethereum network but it is not widely spread, in contrast Bitcoin cannot be used as a recognized currency in Ethereum. A maximum of 21 million bitcoins can be generated, but the creation of Ethereum may be endless. Bitcoin mining can be done using industrial mining farms, while decentralized Ethereum mining can be done by individuals and users.

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