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Making predictions is not something that will work out well all the time. There is only so many things we can anticipate, evaluate and process. Unless your are some clairvoyant sage, you are going to need to a pick between strategies and optimized for various things. For an example, you can opt for a high risk strategy that is set to maximize your gains through day trading, arbitrage, flipping NFTs etc. I do not have enough much free time do all these things. Cryptosphere is a 24/7 market that never sleep. We don't have trading hours; only hours.

Optimized For Time + Effort

This is one of the main reasons I am such a fan of what @leofinance has been doing with CubFinance and POLYCUB. These are projects I can trust built by people I interact with. I can and have lost enough money to sustain me for a decade (in a frugal lifestyle) and it does not make me feel bad. Being a diamond paws HODLer barely takes any effort for me.

I have optimized my strategy to demand as little time and effort from me as possible. This give me a long term focus and there is not much of a need to deliberate on price moments over small periods of time (although time in cryptosphere is a very rapidly flowing one compared to traditional finance).

Farm APR

Kingdom APR


Those numbers should be self-explanatory. There are entire Farms and Kingdoms that are paying less that the extra 20% APR that is given to vexPOLYCUB HODLers. All I need to do is wait for July 2024 with an investment that is very likely to perform extremely well.

Lower Prices Are Great for Buybacks


What would be a great addition to the current tokenomic mix would be a high utilization of Multi Token Bridge that is charging 0.5% fees for wrapping and unwrapping. These are times that can take away a large amount of POLYCUB off the market leading to future supply scarcity. Nearly half of the circulating supply is already locked till July 2024 and this should bring in some very interesting price action combined with the fact that there is only a very tiny amount of POLYCUB left to be created.

Easy to Move Prices

Trading Volume.png

Take a look at those trading volumes and +/-2% depth. Most Diamond Paws are already in vexPOLUCUB or simply HODLing in the liquid xPOLUCUB form. Those who are currently selling are likely the weak hands who would not be in for the long run. I see this as a good thing for the platform overall.

Happy Investing!

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