ARROWVERSE Year One and Two - Superheroes and Anti-Heroes

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The Universe startet at 12. October 2012 with ARROW 1 x 1 on THE CW.
In german dubbed version 16. September 2013 on VOX.

In order of first appearance

Oliver Queen /Green Arrow / The Hood

performed by Stephen Amell
Debut ARROW 1 x 1

Sarah Lance / Canary / White Canary

performed by Caity Lotz
Debut ARROW 1 x 1

Dinah Laurel Lance / Black Canary

performed by Katie Cassidy
Debut ARROW 1 x 1

Thea Queen / Speedy

performed by Villa Holland
Debut ARROW 1 x 1

John Diggle / Spartan

performed by David Ramsey
Debut ARROW 1 x 1

Floyd Lawton / Deadshot

performed by Michael Rowe
Debut ARROW 1 x 3

Malcolm Merlyn

performed by John Barrowman
Debut ARROW 1 x 3

Helena Bertinelli / Huntress

performed by Jessica De Gouw
Debut ARROW 1 x 8

Slade Wilson / Deathstroke

performed by Manu Bennett
Debut ARROW 1 x 13

Roy Harper / Arsenal

performed by Colton Haynes
Debut ARROW 1 x 15

Barry Allen / The Flash

performed by Grant Gustin
Debut ARROW 2 x 8

Cisco Ramone / Vibe

performed by Carlos Valdes
Debut ARROW 2 x 8

Caitlin Snow / Killer Frost

performed by Danielle Panabaker
Debut ARROW 2 x 8

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