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When Seoul was developed at first, it was surrounded by mountains.
It was chosen as the capital during the Joseon Dynasty to prevent intrusions by utilizing the mountains.
As time went by, Seoul's borders widened, and the mountains were now contained within Seoul's boundaries.
The Han River was initially supposed to pass in front of Seoul. But now the Han River divides Seoul in half.

Acha mountain is on the east side of the Han River that divides Seoul in half.
There is a legend in Acha mountain.

Acha mountain and Han river was the southern boundary of Goguryeo, which ruled the northern part of the Korean peninsula before Silla unified the Korean peninsula.
The legend of the general Ondal who died while defending Goguryeo remains in Acha Mountain.
He was from the lowest class, but he became a general after marrying Goguryeo’s princess.
Ondal lost his life defending Goguryeo. Mt. Acha was where Ondal was guarding.

Mt. Acha is a great place for citizens to take a walk.
When you climb to the top, you can see the Han River and Seoul in the distance.
You can see the beautiful night view from Mt.Acha. If you visit Seoul, I would recommend you to look down Seoul from the summit of Mt.Acha.

I visited Acha mountain to go to Younghwasa, the Buddhist temple in Seoul.
Buddhist temples are not usually located in a crowded place. Although Younghwasa is located in Acha mountain, it is close to the downtown area just across the street.
It is a good place for people who are tired of living in the city to have mental rest.

PA200001 (1).JPG

There was the pillar gate, separating the secular world and the sacred temple, at the entrance of the temple.
I guessed that the pillar gate was made big because the temple is too closed to the secular world.
The wooden pillar was taller than the children’s height.


I wondered where such a big tree was cut.

PA200003 (1).JPG

PA200004 (1).JPG

Under the eaves of the pillar gate, there was a brief description of Yonughwasa’s history.

PA200005 (1).JPG

When I turned around and looked at the temple, there was a lot of cars in the temple yard.
Since the temple was located in the city, the cars were parked even in the temple yard.
People were sitting comfortably in a building on one side of the temple courtyard. Younghwasa is a place where you can enjoy such leisure away from the busy life of the city.


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lol, 36 Downvotes, enjoy my upvote :-)

That was very nice of you .

I wish they make movie about this historical conflict"general Ondal who died while defending Goguryeo remains in Acha Mountain.
He was from the lowest class, but he became a general after marrying Goguryeo’s princess.
Ondal lost his life defending Goguryeo. Mt. Acha was where Ondal was guarding."
I really like your input and overview on motivational historical events like this one . I wish they make film based on this. Good one @slowwalker

A continuation of your meditation on changes, @slowwalker.

In this case, the city boundaries of Seoul change over time and so much so that the choice of a fortified location becomes irrelevant as the city expands.

I think this is symbolized in the temple - they're usually located in a remote location on a mountain, but in this instance, the city has come to the mountain.

In a final irony, the temple precincts become a congested parking lot for cars.

They say time is the longest distance between two places but judging by Seoul's expansion over the years, the opposite seems true.

Have a good day, my friend.

As time went by, everything got complicated. Even temples became crowded with the noise of the city. Time changes everything. Thank you always, my friend. Have a nice day!

The temples I have seen in each of your posts I have never seen so many temples in any other post.!

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I'm addicted to temples, haha.


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Sehr schöne Bilder
Grüße aus Deutschland
// 1,2,3, gute Laune //
Very nice pictures
Greetings from Germany
// 1,2,3, good mood //

Thank you! Have a good day:)

That was also my impression once seeing such a huge pillar gate only having the cars and people around you can guess how big it is and how old the tree must be that was used for the gate.

It looks like the place is very popular and people just enjoying their time there :)

Yes, It is quite popular because it is located in the middle of Seoul. Thank you for your comment :)

Still want to visit Seoul. Your articles always inspire and remind me that. With the bear market it just got delayed :)

Hope you visit Seoul later :)

I hope so too. Will let you know in advance so we can have a tea or something :)

I have never been to Acha Mountain.
Younghwasa and Mt. Acha seem to be a good resting place for Seoul citizens.

If you have a chance, I recommend you to visit there. It is very beautiful at night. :)

They got a lot of great art and concept !

Right! Thank you for your comment :)

I wish i will visit Seoul once. After reading your many blogs, I become a fan of this country. Nice historical presentation. Thanks.

I'm glad you liked my posts! Thank you for your comment :)

Thank you for sharing the legends of Seoul. Very interesting the story of General Ondal, who ascends from social class after marrying a princess. I guess it's a story of honor and love and maybe it has literary derivations.

Good photographs of that quiet place, although it seems that the city reached it, seeing the vehicles parked around it.

According to legend, Ondal was an ignorant man. The princess who married Ondal educated him well to become a general. Thanks always :)

@slowwalker, Behind the Acha mountain much longest historical story about general Ondal. He was great leader because he defending Goguryeo. After read your description I think Acha mountain brilliant place for watch Seoul's scenery. If we can see beautiful night view from Mt.Acha, that would be marvelous visual to us. After the see vehicle parking area, I believe more visitors come to this temple every single day more. The pillar wooden was big tree. Anyone can agree with me.

Yeah! It was such a gorgeous place with legend. Thank you for your comment! Have a nice day:)

Beautiful temple view ,thanks for share your memories,gentleman.

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Thank you so much :)

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