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There are several religious sects in Korean Buddhism.
Among them, the Jogye sect is the largest.
Jogyesa temple is a headquarter of the Jogye sect.
Jogyesa temple is in the center of Seoul.
There is a Buddhist temple in Jogyesa.
The museum is very helpful for understanding Buddhist art because the museum exhibits artifacts from all parts of the country.
The problem is that I can’t take a picture in there.
Until now, I could only see with my eyes.
Also, the museum usually does not sell the description book of the exhibition.
So, it was difficult to organize my thoughts because I used to forget details about the exhibition.

When I went to listen to a lecture on Buddhism, I heard that the museum would display the relics of Geumsansa Temple in the city of Jeonju, southwestern Korea.
Fortunately, visitors would be allowed to take pictures this time, so I went to the museum with a camera.

Jogyesa temple’s Buddhist museum was placed in underground.
There weren’t many people.


As soon as I entered, there was a signboard written Moak Mountain Geumsansa(Geumsan temple), the size of my height.
In Korea, the mountain where the temple is located is written down on a signboard along with the temple’s name.
Writing down mountain names and temple names is one of the characteristics of Korean temples.
It’s not just a way of writing down a name,
It shows that mountains are sacred in Korean traditional culture.
It is no coincidence that there are many world-class alpinists in Korea.
I went to Geumsansa about two years ago.
I blogged at that time, but I could not post the pictures of Geumsansa museum.
So I was very pleased to visit the exhibition where photography was allowed.


As soon as I passed the signboard, I saw a white porcelain dish with the name Geumsan Temple written on it.
Geumsan Temple must have been very big in the past because the temple could use a plate with the temple's name written on it.


There was also a painting of a view of Geumsansa in the 18th century, drawn by a famous painter in Korea.
Unfortunately, camera lighting and tripod were not available, making it very hard to take clear pictures.
The lighting in the museum was also very low to protect the artifacts, making it difficult to use a camera lens.




Murals decorated between the pillars and the pillars under the eaves of the temple were also on display.
Usually, there is a Buddha painting on the mural, but Geumsan Temple was different.
I couldn't figure it out because there was no explanation, but it looked like a great monk and angels of paradise.
It was very interesting because it was my first time to see the mural of monk and angels.

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good post friends, have fun just my friend

Your post about Asian culture and religion is insightful.
I am sorry that your post was downvoted to zero.

I love this type of old art

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Beautiful photography

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Hello @slowwalker,

Excellent photographic work has been done on this cultural theme.

It is nice to have an opportunity to see the ancient artifacts from all over the country, I can imaging that many are tempted to make the pictures of such unique historical materials. Luckily this time it was permitted. I did not know that such artifacts are keep protected from sunlight specially to preserve them. I thought that this is just to make them more interesting in artificial light shine. The paintings are impressive, luckily good preserved too.
I am sorry to see that your post was downvoted to zero, there are many people who read your posts and like what you write about the culture and history of your country. I am wishing you nice weekend.

That is amazing and must have been an incredible experience. Thanks for sharing that. Happy Friday SlowWalker.