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I went inside Samshingak .
I waited for a while to take a picture because people were praying in there.
Paintings in Samshingak were as faded as Samshin-gak.

PA200052 (1).JPG

The portrait on the far left is Doksung.
Doksung means a person enlightened alone without any help.
There are not many things known about Doksung.
He was a subject of traditional folk religion, but we don’t know exactly who he is.
Some scholars see Doksung as a legendary Dangun who first made a nation among Koreans.
In Siberia, shamans were also political leaders.
In other words, Dangun was turned into Doksung in folk religion and was enshrined in the temple.

PA200053 (1).JPG

The paintings were so old that I couldn’t exactly identify the person.
The middle one is Chilsumg, which means the Big Dipper.
In Taoism, Chilsung controls life, death, good fortune, and evil.
As mentioned in other articles, Chilsung is also a religious object in Taoism but has been an important object of faith for nomads in Central Asia and Siberia.

PA200054 (1).JPG

In Buddhist temples, Chilsung is in the shape of Buddha.
Some people call Chilsung a Buddha.
It is not wrong to call it Buddha if it has the capability of managing life, death, good fortune, and evil.

PA200057 (1).JPG

The one on the right is the god of the mountain.
The god of the mountain is the object of Korea’s own folk belief.
The mountain god is always with the tiger.

PA200060 (1).JPG

In the painting, some young children are preparing tea for the mountain god.
These are the common details depicted in the paintings of the mountain god.


Interesting thing in this painting is the face of the tiger.
The tiger is smiling.

In Korean folk paintings, tigers are often described as friendly.
The tiger in this painting is a typical example.

PA200061 (1).JPG

Offerings for the three gods were laid.
The offerings in the temple are mostly foods.
Interestingly, alcohol was included in the offerings.
Drinking alcohol is not allowed in temples. People drink tea instead of alcohol.
Alcohol was especially in front of the mountain god. Soju, a favorite drink of the middle class in Korea, was put on the table.

Snacks and candy were laid as a sacrifice.
Later, these sweets will be shared with the people who come to the temple.
The smiling tiger beside the god of the mountain made me happy.

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Hello my friend!
Nice pictures !
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Thank you! Have a nice day :)

Beautiful photography

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Excellent post that makes me reflect. Correct me if I am wrong in my assessment.

In traditional Korean culture, there is a very important place to the God of the mountain represented by the tiger, the decoration of the temples, indicate a great syncretism with religious currents originating from other countries such as India with Buddhism, China with the Confucianism and Taoism. From Japan, I only see political influence through wars, but not a cultural influence it. Perhaps, I also have to look a little in this country to visualize its impact on Korea.

In pre-Columbian America, some cultures also revered felines (Jaguars) and snakes (Perhaps symbolizing dragons), in that sense, now I find a lot of cultural similarities.

Thanks for your interesting post.

You're right. Many other cultures have influenced Korean religion. Although Korea and Japan have not much common things in religion, there are similarities in architecture and art.

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Very interesting stuff man. Where is this place - Samshingak? It seems very different from our world. Good content, thanks for sharing.

Samshingak is one of temple in Younghwasa placed in Acha mountain in Seoul. Have a nice day :)

Nice all

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Amazing Idea of the posting

Thank you :)

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Was Budhha a Doksung?

Buddha means saint in Buddhism. In Buddhism, it is believed that anyone can be a Buddha. So, there are many Buddha. I guess Doksung is one of them.

Truly beautiful, being a photographer and a traveller, these portraits inspires me to explore the unexplored

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Thank you so much! Have a nice day :)

Nice work must be appreciated.

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Thank you for this, I love reading books about godesses and culturea of other country. Thanks for sharing this. 💗😇

Thank you so much!! :)

Nice post on these historical sites , regarding the history of Buddhism in Korea. We all can’t go and experience being there, but we can enjoy these pictures of these very meaningful places through you.
Thank you very much.
Peace be with you. 🙏

Excellent overview of the past events reflecting even on present times in a way

Thank you! Have a great day :)