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Across the wide yard, there was a grand architecture. The building in the middle of the temple is Daewoongjeon. The name of Yeongwhasa temple may seem old, but the buildings are not very old. It had been destroyed several times up until now. When the temple was newly built, it was named after a temple that existed more than 1,300 years ago. Even if the temple's history was 1,300 years old, there was no artifact to show 1,300 years of history.

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What made people think Daewoongjeon Hall was only recently built was a dragon sculpture of the staircase in the middle. Only monks can walk through the middle steps. Ordinary people should use the left and right stairs to enter Daewoongjeon. There are three treasures in Buddhism. The three are Buddha, Buddha's teachings and monks. Monks are therefore given special treatment.

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The piece of a dragon decorating the stairs was splendid. The stone was sharpened as if it were woodcut. You can make fine sculptures because you use a machine to make sculptures. It's well-coordinated but doesn't feel artistic. Maybe it’s because the sculpture had not been carved by people's hands.

When I see a rough piece of stone in an old temple, I feel deep in my heart. But like a dragon sculpture in Daewoongjeon, a well-crafted sculpture using a modern machine is not very touching.

The garden on the front wall of Daewoongjeon's basic section was better than the dragon sculpture. The ivy and pine trees mingled.

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On the first floor of Daewoongjeon Hall, there was Jijangjeon. Originally, Jijangjeon Hall is built separately from other buildings. But in Yeongwhasa temple, JiJangjeon was beneath Daewoongjeon Hall. The place that entered the Jjiangjeon was like a cave. It seemed plausible that there was a "JiJangjeon" symbolizing hell at the bottom of the Great Hall of the Fallen. Jijangjeon is on the first floor, but it was like a basement floor.


When I went in and opened the door, only a twig in the middle lit up the light. In the dark, only the dimples looked bright. The dramatic contrast of darkness and brightness seemed to make clear the meaning of the Jijang Bodhisattva, which saves the souls of the Mesozoic in Hell. The back wall of Jijiang Bodhisattva was densely lined with white paper. It was the name of the dead.

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It was the best jijangjeon I've ever seen.

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Really like culture and picture collection of your work here
I don’t understand why all this downvoted post you have

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Everything is magnificent there to look at great shots you shared

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Hi slowwalker
I give you a positive rating
have fun with it
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I haven't seen any. So I don't have idea what inside and what to do if you are on a temple. So thank you for sharing temple.

@slowwalker, Yeah...Yeongwhasa Temple seems like not oldest because I found dragon sculpture of the staircase created from machine. It was not traditional looks like hand crafting.

When the temple was newly built, it was named after a temple that existed more than 1,300 years ago. Even if the temple's history was 1,300 years old, there was no artifact to show 1,300 years of history.

Yeah.. of course. But nice to see around environment. Yeongwhasa Temple definitely various than other Korean temples. However you captured nice images with best explanation.

Again come your content for seen your brilliant photography. You are always great gentleman. Thanks for represent.

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Thank you so much for sharing these fascinating temples with us all the time.!

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Last two pictures are just awesome. The combination of light and dark made the pictures more beautiful. The picture of trees in the garden is also nice. Thanks for sharing.

@tipu curate

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Nice temple.

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I share his statement that the dragon figure in stone is perfect, but does not convey the emotion of a work made by a human artist.

Thanks again for sharing your excellent photos and comments.

wonderfull and imponent is an piece for live forever

You're right, the dragon sculpture of the staircase in the middle sure looks quite evergreen and one would think it's not been too long it's been built or erected. Beautiful pictures of the Jijangjeon Hall the sunlight made it incredible

I can understand what you mean with handmade craft and things made nowadays with modern technology. Every craftsman puts his thoughts, his passion in his work and even having irregularity makes such stuff unique. I still have some of old jewellery from my mother and she got from hers, they were handmade in the past and they are so impressive, although made if silver decorated with unknown stone. But they are so precious for me just seeing such an old work.

The temple's roof is a bit different it has such sharp angles and not going down in a smooth curve, does it mean something too?

Seeing dragon's sculpture it is obvious that they are important feature of Buddhism as much attention was paid to their decorations :)

Very nice pictures
Greetings from Germany
// 1,2,3, good mood //