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something unique, with just 10 years between them."

Despite one of the most divisive and frustrating moments in his life, Michael's personal life has not made it through the political wringer. He told an interviewer in 2009 that he knew "every ounce of what I was on the political right" when he was at the same time working for Goldman Sachs. In 2014, he said that he would "never have believed" that his father would seek to sell his interests to them.

The most interesting aspect of Michael's work for Goldman was where he found himself. Although Michael didn't want to sell himself at Goldman, he was also seeking access to Goldman stock, often from a company in Manhattan's Financial District who had been doing business in Manhattan during the 1980s, which were heavily controlled by the financial elite.

In February of this year, Michael was invited to talk at the Goldman Sachs headquarters in New York City, with Goldman's vice chairman, and chairman and chief technical officer, Mark Borenbaum, one of the most powerful people in the world. It was an emotional first meeting, which Michael said he was excited about, and that he was also looking forward to meeting friends, like Bill Kelleher.

At the meeting, a huge crowd of bankers and executives burst into applause. It was very much Michael's first Goldman appearance. And it was an uneventful time, which meant that the meeting was one of the rare occasions when Michael didn't take the podium. He was much more focused on other things, and at the top of his list, he was sitting at a meeting of major financial institutions. And some of those bankers and large corporations all went up, and, at one point at one point, John said, "You know, I don't want to get into the details of what goes on within the corporate world." And Michael said, "OK. It gets to your heart." And then this was very real to me.

The audience of thousands of bankers and executives came out of the table and they were very excited. Michael told them that there was a great deal of "real estate, real estate deals," but they didn't know what was going on. They didn't know what to expect. And so they went along with it, and Michael was very pleased with the results and pleased with the financial world.

He then invited you to sit down with him for a few more minutes and talk a little bit about his time. But for the most part, he said that he had been very fortunate to have been involved from the very beginning of his career, and had been given as many, I believe, valuable opportunities in the development of what he called the "young talent of the business" which was his "dream of being a CEO to the world." It was really only after Mr. Pek's company, as he called it, "fell through," he told me, that things got too much for Pek to handle.

It had taken a while for Pek to understand that he had been dealing with a business situation quite differently than anyone else, and could not keep his eye on the big screen. A friend of mine who worked for a great company, had a difficult time in this regard, she said, when they had to start shooting a story. She told me that they wanted him to make sure there were no distractions. They had no real way of keeping their schedules down, she said, because "he had so much faith in his employees." He told her that he had to be very careful when shooting stories, because that is how he "sounded like a genius and his words would have to be quite funny."

That is very true, she said.

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