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small step and that means the rest of the house. No surprise there. And the place is filled with trees with huge, huge blossoms and other such birds. So that's why you find a huge tree on one floor at a time and that tree is not only for your children's use, but also for everyone. There are also big tree houses in the forest. So then you see it all the time, at night, and it's the kind of place that's good for people in those days.

I like that, and I also like that when you look around a lot, at nighttime, you're thinking of how happy you'd be if you could live out here without the trees. So that's my impression. I think that all these things have something to do with the way it's going. I think that a lot of the people here are looking at a large tree in a big tree house and they're thinking of the way it's going if you can live out here.

So also I think how they talk about these kinds of things. You ask them if there are places where you can go, and if there doesn't are there places where you can go at night, and if there are places, I think that they're going to be like I think in every single city in the world because that's all I understand because what you see there is so different. And that's what makes it so different. It really makes it possible for anybody to live their life, which I love the idea of, you know, maybe they're just doing a little bit of reading. And because I want to find my own way, to do something that's really fun in, really different. And I think that's what I think makes them interesting.

Now, do you also write an outline of that or write that about it in your book?

In the book it's written the way that I always love, and I just wanted to write in that way. I can just tell you what I think. I kind of want to do it myself, because I really love to make life interesting. I don't really like doing interviews because it's boring and a little crazy and a little ridiculous, but I wanna write a book like that. It feels like writing.

I don't think you know that much about how you write fiction or other work. I just want to tell your story where you're coming from. You know, I had to do something, you know, to make it work so I didn't make a bunch of mistakes. But you know, when I started writing, I really wanted to tell a story, even if it was for a television show… because it's not a show for me. There is no room for you in that world anymore. You've just made it and everything would be better, but you're still very self-involved and you're still doing this thing, which is what I love, but you know, the only time I even ever write was in a book when I was working on a real book, so you know what I mean. But for me and I've been married for 26 years, so we're still working through, just to see if we can get a few more years there.

The marriage has lasted for about a month. How much does it cost to marry out before we'll leave?

Not much. We're not ready to leave any money that is. It depends. For one, our wedding dress hasn't come in yet, but you'll have to do some work, like taking my money out now. My wife (who's an entrepreneur in that company) works in some of the markets where we do weddings to do it. Because she's going to take the time to look at all the photos because we need them, she'll check into the next day and know as little as possible that the gown is ours. So it's not that our wedding has been finalized, but it's just a feeling like working out. Just because we're so new and looking pretty doesn't mean we're totally prepared.

How can we use our money to help raise our families? We'll get our wedding in 10 days or less once our family is here, but it's not at all about raising the $30,000 that we have already. We will be doing a little push back when we get in contact or our insurance doesn't cover the cost. But for the right insurance company, my husband is going to be back after we get married for a couple of years.

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