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good for people to know ____ I have been a part of these protests for many years, and I can tell you we are in a different situation right now. That is, we are witnessing this type of violent protest at a time when we cannot have a meaningful discussion about climate change, our children, or our culture as a whole. To use an example, I recently watched in Chicago on a day where students were doing their best to convince people to stay home and have peace out. I am just so excited to say that our own community as a whole is feeling the impacts of mass immigration, as well as other issues like civil rights, our ability to speak to each other, and our ability to stand up for each other. We are experiencing a real awakening when we really start to see the full impact of our own communities, as this movement from outside of our borders has already helped us all.

We must not forget that if the climate is not addressed, if we are not allowed to have any meaningful dialogue about climate change, then our communities will fall into disrepair. The fact that we may be seeing a mass exodus has nothing to do with us or it is only a part of climate change, but it will have something to do with the mass migration of people and their families, and we face this in our communities when we leave. If we cannot live without these people, then we can only go on living in a place that will not be safe to live in.

The event was hosted in Boston by the Women and Kids Center (WICC), which is a non-profit funded by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), and the Massachusetts Society of Directors for the Human Rights of Children and Youth (SAMY).

"We are aware of a recent spate of tragic violence on American streets that was committed by young people who have come to us without any clear plan of living there, and it is absolutely wrong to treat them by terror without thinking about how they may suffer from this crisis and what impact that might have," SAMY president Dr. Amy Shafee said in a statement.

Shafee said she will hold the meeting to address the questions raised by activists and encourage the conference attendees to make a "commitment to this issue." Shafee's list of five organizations is listed below.

For more information about the 10 other organizations listed below in this report's definition of the organization, or about the organization's history and leadership position, please visit the Organization Directory.

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