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we already know that. We should be able to say this: That's what the Seahawks have now.

The Seahawks are one of the top 10 teams in football. Their offense is solid. They're coming off two Super Bowl victories. They are second in the Eastern Conference in points allowed. They've earned playoff berths. And if you're going to bet on being in the postseason, it's against the Seahawks' roster, not against any other team.

While Seattle's defense is not as good as the team they started, things are going to be better in Seattle if the two teams play hard enough.

That's why we're giving the Seahawks a playoff berth. We're giving them the chance to win or otherwise give them a chance to take home this title. I can tell you this about the Seahawks: It's a good organization. I can tell you these stories about their first 10 bowls. It's how well the Seahawks did when they first started winning, and how they've done their job as coaches. The team just really looks right now.

I can tell you about what the Seattle Seahawks have now.

But they're still a very good team, and they have all the work to do to become one again.

That's where the Seahawks are. And if the Seahawks don't win Super Bowl XL tomorrow, they still have the choice between finishing 3-1, or going on a short-term deal.

But if the Seahawks fail to come through with some form of a deal, they get the Seahawks a better receiver as a result. (I should clarify - Seahawks owner/general manager Pete Carroll says he's happy to bring back Delanie Walker, although he thinks he's not happy with his current roster.)

The Seahawks' two first-team All-Pro picks (Shaun Mays and Chris Clemons) weren't on the trade block at all. So, the Seattle defense is going to have to be solid on first-team cornerback Cary Williams or linebacker Patrick Willis for a team that really doesn't like its personnel choices.

The defense's ability to stop Seattle's run defense from getting off-balance could give the Seahawks even more versatility on a secondary that would struggle to stop them, but with a big defense that hasn't been very good at this angle, they can't win a Super Bowl for the first time, and if they lose, they'll be hard to beat.

The question is: Do the Seahawks really prefer either Wilson or Williams, or do they want to put their All-Pro center on the field and start a quarterback at quarterback?Because, if everything goes well in Seattle, this should be a great year for the Seahawks to see that Wilson is on his way out of retirement.

Wilson has shown he could handle himself for a long time, but just in the summer of '13, Wilson started four games, and didn't even play for two in '14. He never really averaged more than 25 yards per carry in his career in his prime, and he really struggled defensively in two games against the Giants and 49ers.

And after that, Wilson had yet to play a game for Seattle in an NFL season.

After the All-Star Break, which was held in August, the Patriots will officially begin the season by winning the Super Bowl.

But Wilson and the Seahawks are already making changes at safety. With Russell Wilson gone by the end of the season, they'll probably have the most versatile position in the NFL. Their offense has been good this off the field for a while, and Wilson and the Seahawks have the ability to fill a need.

They'll also have the chance to add a young, highly-talented corner to help create space in the secondary and create some more competition for the No. 1 receiver.

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