Football hotels!

in danang •  6 months ago 

Da Nang is one of the most popular tourism cities in all of Vietnam. As someone that has lived here number of years I don't really understand the allure to be honest with you because there is nothing particularly special about the beach here. Even though I don't get it, there are hundreds of hotels here and most of them are totally empty at the moment, but we are starting to see that turn around at least a little bit as people from other cities are visiting here on the weekends.

I found a couple of somewhat derelict looking hotels that have unusual and potentially illegal names for their establishments. Copyright laws don't really have the same effect over here and I think you can basically call your place whatever you want. I find these names to be a bit lazy but there is no arguing the fact that there are people in the world that might choose to stay here just because of the name.


I say that this is potentially illegal but at the same time, I don't think that anyone is allowed to copy the name of a city but based on the use of color and font in their logo, I think we can successfully say that these owners knew what they were doing.

The next place is literally like 4 shops down from this one.


Now I don't know much about the English Premiere League so I don't know if these two teams are rivals or not but I've been by the Liverpool hotel at night and the interior is a strange and almost spooky red hue. I have no idea what the inside of these places look like but based on the amount of scooters that were at the front I'd venture to guess that these two places have done alright during covid.

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