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This are the free accounts for the date 2019-07-23 Today:

Before the : is the email and after the : is the password :)

If you like my content and enjoy the free accounts, please give an upvote :)

Do you want an private account?
Just send 0.01 SBD or 0.01 STEEM to me. Please add in the memo the service for which account (example: Spotify Premium, Netflix, ...), also add an email, where you can get the account


Your email will be visible to all users! Please use a spam email address. Where it does not matter if strangers write you emails!

Info: After you have received your account, please change the password immediately

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Do you want to support me?

You have different options

1. Delegate some Steempower
10 Steempower
20 Steempower
30 Steempower
40 Steempower
50 Steempower
100 Steempower
200 Steempower
300 Steempower

2. Send some STEEM and / or SBD

3. Tell your friends about my free accounts

4. Use Smartsteem with my referral ↘↘

5. Use the Partiko-App with my referral

Thank you :)

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