The Life Curation Team - The Industrious Seven - Application post for month April

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Hello steemit members. You may have seen the update from steemitblog, This post is the Application post for the curation team of month April. Let's get into it.


We have 7 wonderful members all from different regions around the world. The below table shows some required information about the team members. We are choosing the theme the life that includes the Diary Game, My Town in Ten Pics, acts of kindness, and charity.

UsernameClubstatusSteem historyCountryLanguage
@heriadi#club1004 years 9 monthsIndonesiaIndonesian, English
@goodybest#club7511 monthsNigeriaNigerian pidgin, English
@ispin#club754 years 3 monthsTurkeyTurkish,ENglish
@vvarishayy#club751 year 5 monthsPakistanUrdu, English, Chinese
@leonelb#club751 year 10 monthsVenezulaSpanish, instrumental English
@franyeligonzalez#club50504 yearsColombiaSpanish, English
@chant#club751 year 8 monthsCameroonFrench, English

Here are some more details about the members


  • Country Representative Indonesia
  • Founder of World smile project (WSP)
  • Experience in handling curation accounts of @steemcurator03 and @steembetterlife
  • Admin and initiator of Steem for betterlife community
  • Admin and founder of Hot news Community
  • Greeter and mod of Newcomer's Community
  • Mod at Steem Sea Community
    The tag he will be curating: #actofkindness, #thediarygame



meet a very energetic Nigerian girl.

  • Nigerian team member of @smilenigeria under World Smile Project (WSP)
  • Mod in Steemkidss
  • Plagiarism mod in campus connecting communities
  • Experience in handling curation accounts of the community creative writing and art
  • tag she will be curating: #actofkindness and #thediarygame


franyeligonzalez is from Latin America and one of the most experienced members of steemit, she has 4 years of working experience in steemit.

  • Mod of Colombia-Original

The tag she will be curating: #charity. #mytownin10pics






A French speaker, living in a country named Cameroon.

  • Mod of Steem Cameroon
  • A member of the community Steemwomen's club, and very active in Steem Cameroon Community.
  • Plagiarism team member in Steem Cameroon Community.
  • The tags she will be curating: #mytownin10pics, #thediarygame, and #mytownin10pics




A Turkish who has experience of 4 years and 4 months working in steemit. She is also among one of the oldest members of steemit.


An active member of steemit who is active in communities;

  • Steem Venezuela
  • Comunidad Latina

He is one of the sponsors of #spud4steem
He will be curating the tag: #charity, #actofkindness


Now the question is how will we be handling the curator account? We have designed a timetable that suits everyone and can cover a wider range. We have assigned 2 members a day for a wider range of coverage. The decided timetable is below. Our team members are from Pakistan, Nigeria, Indonesia, Venezuela, Turkey, Colombia, and Cameroon, and the fact is that majority of the people are from these countries in steemit.


We have members who are part of some charity in steemit. we have @heriadi who is the founder of the World smile project, I @vvarishayy handles the @pak-charity. @ispin is the charity member of @steemwomensclub, @goodybest is also a member of WSP charity. These members would be beneficial for us because we have chosen a theme that includes #actofkindness and #charity. We would be most suitable in this case as we have members of different non-profitable charity accounts. We have Admins, founders, Mods, and active members from different communities and that would help us in covering more people in the steemit. We have members who have already handled the curation accounts and experienced.

Our Guidelines

  • We will not be supporting the cross posters and all the posts must be #steemexclusive to get the vote.
  • Proper citation of the images and will not be supporting any kind of plagiarised posts.
  • Quality Content producers will be supported
  • The users must be committed to at least #club5050, and ideally #club75 or #club100.
  • The post length must be at least 250-300 words.
  • You must not be using any bid bots.

How we will assure of not voting any plagiarised content?

Grammarly and SEO tool is the best tool to use for checking plagiarism. We will check the plagiarism before voting and for the images, we will use google lens to assure the images a person is using is original and not copied from any other source. We will check if the sites given to any image are correct or not.

We the Industrious seven are the best for the theme life and we will vote for the authors who are working and producing unique and quality content.

Best Regards,
The Industrious seven 🎗️

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We from the Steem For Betterlife community support @heriadi to join The Industrious seven curator team. We hope The Industrious seven team can win the competition in the second round

Thank you to all the "steem for better life community" team

Wish you all success and support the charity project Thank you for inviting our brother @heriadi and @goodybest

Aww 🥰 thank you so much @worldsmile, your support means more than a million for us.

All the best mr. @heriadi

Thank you

Wow.. this is a great team, good luck bro @heriadi @leonelb and sis @vvarishayy @goodybest @ispin @chant @franyeligonzalez hopefully this team will be the chosen one .. cheeers

Thank you so much brother! Your support means a lot for us.

Thank you very much brother, you are right my teammates are incredible.

#affable #venezuela

Thank you so much @harferri

Thank you for your support.

I am very happy to be part of such a team. I am sure that we will be a good team and we will do great things. 🙏

We're happy you're the part of the team 🌸

Wow, such a great team with great personalities. I wish you all success.

have nice day

Thank you my friend

Thank you very much.

Thank you for your good wishes @ubongudofot

Thank you ubongudofot for your nice gesture

Thanks for the support.

#affable #venezuela

Congratulation for them team

Gracias amiga!

Thanks dear!

Thank you friend, how is your son

He came out of the operation very well, now to wait for the results of the biopsy.

Thanks for asking my friend.

We can't wait to get started. Thanks for the support.

#affable #venezuela

Thank you 😃

Wow..this is a great and hardworker team.

I support you guys at the best i could❤️

Thanks @bien you are also a great friend

Thank you very much for your support 😁

Thank you very much, we hope to be selected to work efficiently.

#affable #venezuela

Aww it means a lot (✿^‿^)

Thank you so much friend!

Excellent team, people committed to Steemit and who will do an excellent job of healing. Many successes to all of you and I hope you are selected because I know you will do a great job.♥️

Thank you marpa for your supportive comments ❣️

We will do everything in our power, thank you for supporting us.

#affable #venezuela

Hola querida amiga, gracias por venir y por apoyarnos!!

Your good wishes mean a lot for us, Thank you!

Thank you very much for choosing me, I am very happy to be part of the team. We will do a great job.💪😁☺️

We are honored by your presence

Muchas felicitaciones para este excelente equipo!
Les deseo mucho exito!
@franyeligonzalez @heriadi @vvarishayy excelent team 👍

Muchas gracias amiga!!

Muchas gracias, haremos nuestro mejor esfuerzo en esta labor.

#affable #venezuela

Thank you nahela ♥️ your comment boost up our confidence

Thank you my friend, your comments make us more spirit

I am happy to be part of this team and we hope for the best for all committed steemians.

hope for the best <3

good cooperation will give better results, have a nice day

Together we will do a great job, of that there is no doubt.

#affable #venezuela

Great team with members having awesome experience on this platform....

I wish this team best of luck as i am strongly rooting for you all..


Thanks for your support.

Aww thank you so much saxopedia ❤️

Thank you for your support.

Great team, good luck to give the best to Steem.

Thank you

Thank you for your support.

Excelente equipo de trabajo....

Thank you

Thank you for your support

I support this team with all of me, their members are such great personalities they're devoted to the system and have proficient knowledge about the theme they are intended to be curating. I pray steemit blog will select them as winner

We also hope the same @gracyakan thank you so much

Thank you friend, your good wishes are greatly appreciated, let's hope so.

#affable #venezuela

Thank you so much 🥰💖

I wish you guys all the best in this application

Thank you for your good intentions, happy day.

#affable #venezuela

Thank you chiabertrand <3

Thanks friend we pray so

we also expect the same, thank you friend

Indeed brother

Thanks for supporting.

You are much welcome mom. I was so happy seeing you amongst.

Indeed you have proven to us to be a great Steemian we should look up to because of your remarkable achievements and good works under @steem-cameroon community. We are so much proud of you ma'am

Thanks for your compliment, our team is ready to serve.

Thank you very much for your support 😁

Guao, que excelente equipo han formado, desde ya tienen mi apoyo. @franyeligonzalez te deseo mucha suerte junto a ese maravilloso equipo, se que aportaras muchas buenas ideas como siempre.

Saludos y éxitos

Hola amigo, muchas gracias por tu apoyo. Así será!!

Thank you for your good wishes for our team <3

Gracias por el apoyo, trabajaremos en pro de recompensar el contenido de calidad y libre de plagio.

#affable #venezuela

What an amazing team, good luck!

Thank you for the good wishes <3

yes ms. @vvarishayy ! you are welcome

thanks for your support

you are welcome mr. @heriadi

Thank you very much.

you are welcome ms. @franyeligonzalez

Thanks for the good wishes it means a lot for us

you are welcome ms. @goodybest

Good wishes are highly valued friend, happy day.

#affable #venezuela

Good luck! 😀

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Thank you very much.

Thank you worldofxpilar❤

Thanks for the support friend xpilar.

#affable #venezuela

Good luck 🤞🤞🤞 to all seven @vvarishaay and all

Thank you ❣️

Thank you for your support!

Best of luck Ma'am for this application.

Your team is really deserve it.

Thank you so much

Nice to see you here. Good Luck The Industrious Seven! ❤️

Thank you so much 💗

Thank you dear, we appreciate your good wishes

My pleasure dear ☺️

Thank you, it will be a pleasure to carry out this work if we are elected.

#affable #venezuela

Thank you for your support

Great team I congratulate @heriadi

Congrats to them

Thank you

Thank you friend, it will be very interesting to do this work if we are chosen as the curators of these labels.

#affable #venezuela

Thank you so much

Thanks my friend

Very industrious members I wish you all success

Thank you ❣️

Same to you

Thanks dear

Thank you very much for the good wishes, I wish you luck in the selection.

#affable #venezuela

Ohh.. Best of luck dear friend for this application.

Your team is really deserve it

Thank you friend, if we are chosen we will do our best.

#affable #venezuela

Yes of course...
best of luck bro my best wishes for you.

Thank you for your support

Most welcome dear friend...

Thank you faran

My pleasure

Wow @goodybest, congratulations

Thank you! Our outstanding Mama

Very glad to see your team application, you will do a great job my friend good luck!

Thank you, I also wish you luck in the selection.

#affable #venezuela

Thanks dear

Thanks dear, we appreciate your nice commendations

Thank you Jane 💖

Congrats @@@goodybest, wish you luck.

Thanks my friend, I appreciate your good wishes

Good luck to us guys

Thank you

Thanks dear! We appreciate your good wishes

Thank you very much, have a happy day.

#affable #venezuela

your welcome dear

Congratulations @goodybest. Wishing you success

Thanks dear I appreciate your good wishes

Congratulations on your selection. #Steem-on.

Thank you fredquantum

You are welcome.

Good luck

Thank you very much for your support 😁

Thank you so much @klen.civil

Thank you <3

Thank you friend, have a happy day.

#affable #venezuela

Your support means more than a million for us!

Muchas suerte equipo, muy bien presentado.
Seguro que, de quedar, realizarán un gran trabajo.