Curators' Team Application | By The Perfect Seven - (For Arts & Creativity)

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Hello @steemitblog!

First of all I am very happy to be part of this amazing platform, I want to thank steemit team for making such opportunities for very sincere users. I am glad that I have gathered such a unique and perfect team that fulfills all the requirements for this very curation team.

Application For Curator's Team:

Which of the five themes above they would like to curate for.

We have chosen the Theme of ARTS which includes, photography, arts, creative writing, poetry, and music etc.

The reason we have chosen this theme is that the members of the team including me have expertise in the above-mentioned categories of Art. All of us take art professionally and take little things into account about whether they are perfect or not. Our experience in the following theme is what makes us able to apply for this curation team.

Details of the team members (nationality, languages, time active on Steem, #club status).


I am together with this amazing and most wonderful team of the Perfect Seven members, the curation team includes;

Joined Steemit: June 2020
Country: Russia
Russian, English, Spanish, French.
Club Status Club75
Active Communities: MOD - SteemFamily (Contests Organizer), Steem-BRU (Delegator, organizer of contests), Active in SteemTravelers.
Composer, singer, musician, linguist, and interpreter.


Joined Steemit:
 June 2017
Country: Venezuela
Languages: Spanish, English.
Club Status: Club75
Active Communities: MOD - Crearte (Team plagiarism) , MOD - Business Activity (Editorial Moderator Staff)
Skills/Experiences: Graphic design, writing, logistics, handcrafts.


Joined Steemit: 
April 2021
Country: Nigeria
Languages: English and Ibibio.
Club Status: Club75
Active Communities: MOD at steemkids community, Team coordinator at steemalive.
Skills/Experiences: Art, creative writing, crafts.


Joined Steemit: 
January 2018
Country: Pakistan
Languages: English, Urdu, and Pushto.
Club Status: Club75
Active Communities: MOD at Urdu Community (Contest Organizer) , Verification officer at Steem women club , Active member at Steemit Pakistan, an entrepreneur at Business Activity.
Skills/Experiences: Photography, Poetry, Creative writing, Arts and crafts.


Joined Steemit: November 2017
Country: India
Languages: English, Hindi, Tamil, and Malayalam.
Club Status: Club100
Active Communities: Active member at Bestof india, steemfoods, steemkids and steem womenclub.
Skills/Experiences: Graphic designer, Painting, and handcrafts.


Joined Steemit: May 2021
Country: Sri Lanka
Languages: Sinhala, English.
Club Status: Club5050
Active Communities: Steem skillshare, Steem-bru, Crypto Acadamy and steem womenclub.
Skills/Experiences: Crafts ( paper and woolen yarn )


Joined Steemit: November 2017
Languages: Bangla, English
Club Status: Club75 (Soon to be Club100)
Active Communities: Admin of SteemShip, Active member at promo-steem. (Promoter)
Skills/Experiences: Graphic Designer.


Why they would make a good curation team.

I must say that our team will be the most perfect for this position as we have a diversity of members in our team, We cover a total of 12 Languages in our team which includes, English, Bangla, Sinhala, Hindi, Tamil, Urdu, Malayalam, Pushto, Ibibio, Spanish, French, and Russian. Hence, members from different countries and communities will allow us to look for a wide sphere of people and curate Quality content across the globe. Also, art is not our hobby, it is our professional sphere so users may be sure that any post of high quality belonging to the art sphere will be noticed.
So, our team has,

  • Writers
  • Designers.
  • Auditors.
  • Singer
  • Composers
  • Artists
  • Art implies many things in which many areas are immersed, in each one we have something to perform. Most of our team members are contest organizers in their perspective communities and they know how and what content to curate, being organizers of something you see things on a grassroots level and know the quality and hard work behind it. I think Our team profile is the best match for the above curator's team.

Anything special about how they will do their curation to ensure the widest reach.

The team arranged for curatorship with 7 active members of different nationalities, formally make the request with the common goal of making correct use of the functions to which they are conferred.

Strategic plan:

  • Our team will focus on curating the Club 5050 / 75 or 100 posts as part of growth and strengthening. Excluding in the first place the newcomers who do not have a way to strengthen, but whose support is undoubtedly what will allow them to be strengthened.

  • The support vote on posts that have art-oriented content such as painting, graphic design, digital art, sketch, music, dance, songs, sculpture origami, writing ,etc.

  • Being members from 7 different countries means we can curate posts of different people from different countries and languages Hence there will be no language barrier to curate a post.

  • The work requires that we are all committed and the evidence is in the demonstration of the work that we carry out through our positive actions in steemit.

The availability of team members on Steemit: According to the availability of all our team members we have prepared this plan so we can cover maximum posts with the availability of our members all day.


01 - 03 @jyoti-thelight , @cindycam

03 - 06 - @nishadi89 , @jyoti-thelight

06 - 09 - @eliany@alena-vladi@nishadi89

09 - 12 @jyoti-thelight@nishadi89@eliany

12 - 15 @nishadi89@shohana1

15 - 18 - @shohana1@alena-vladi

18 - 21 - @janemorane@alena-vladi

21 - 24 - @janemorane , @cindycam

How they will ensure they will not vote for any posts with plagiarized content.

  • Our team members will ensure to curate the posts totally original, we will check Photography pictures with Google Lens and will check text plagiarism with different tools for checking plagiarism and will scan them before curating.
  • We will ensure to curate posts at least with Achievement #1 (Verification through introduction)
  • We will ensure to curate posts only with #steemexclusive tag.
  • We will ensure to curate only members verified from the newcomer's community or the one with verified tags in their perspective communities.
  • Our curating preference will be for those who follow the clubs, #club5050#club75, and #club100.

Best Regards,
The Perfect Seven Team.

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Great team!!!

We also believe in it!)


What a perfect team made up of 7 wonderful and talented girls from interesting countries, I really love your team.

Good luck girls..!

Thank you so much dear, your appreciation is all we need friend.

Wonderful team dear. I see many talented faces. 😍

Aww, I am glad you liked it, friend!
Thank you so much for your appreciation.


Mis más sinceras Felicitaciones y está demás desearle suertes Dios u los miembros sabemos el potencial y excelencia que tienen. Dios me los Bendiga.

muchas gracias su apreciación significa mucho para nosotros ❤️

Super Women's Team.. All the very very best.

Yes thank you for the good wishes

Thank you so much dear 😊

I am very happy to be a member of this team. We are a good team. We are strong together. 💪 All the best for our team. ❤

Yes dear together we are good

It's amazing to be in this wonderful team I hope steemitblog will approve our application, we will make a great team, wish us success

Of course, it's really good to be on this team. <3

Wow, this is another great team which contain diversity of nationality. Let's steem On Guys!!

Thank you so much dear!!
Steem on!

Thank you so much

You are welcome

Great team friends and with a lot of purpose in the tasks to be performed. each one has something that differentiates them and in what they can do a successful job for steemit.

Offcourse the experiences and diversity will make team stronger together!

That's true dear

A very good application from the wonderful team, All the best!

And because each member is wonderful at their own place which beautifies the team.

Muy buen equipo! Me encanta, bendiciones!

Muchas gracias,

Amazing team!
7 faces, 1 goal.
Good luck to you all creative and hardworking steemians.

Aww that the main target!!
Thank you so much.

Thank you princess we hope to be opportune to carry on our goal together

nice team created by you, we will share for mentioned topics.

Thank you so much dear friend!

Good luck to the wonderful team!

Thank you!!

7 personas con diferentes idiomas y conocimientos, pero con el mismo objetivo hacer uso de las curaduría de manera equitativa y llegando a la mayor cantidad de usuarios, les deseo mucha suerte 🤞🏼 Han realizado un gran equipo 🤗💕

Muchas gracias, realmente ha descrito la misión de nuestro diverso equipo.

Hi friends, you have created a great team! I wish you all the best of luck, you definitely have an amazing performance in your respective arts. Blessings ❤️

I am totally sure of the talents of my team members.
Thank you so much for your appreciation friend this really means a lot!

Un gran trabajo muchas Felicidades y ha seguir trabajando.

Muchas gracias querida !!

Wow. Really a very good team. Wishing you all the best and hope so to see you in the curation field soon.

Thank you so much 😊

Good luck, congratulations on getting strong members for your teams. I hope you guys get to curate in your theme.

Thank you so much for your kind words dear.

That look so nice to me and I believe that you guys will do great. Job keep the work going I hope you are selected.

Thank you so much dear.

Muchas felicidades por este gran equipo, todos son personas talentosas. El contenido a apoyar es bastante variado, así que a trabajar.

Thank you so much, if we get the curation we will come up with some great team work..

Wonderful team. The perfect seven, I wish you all the best

Thank you so much my friend!! ❤️

. Diviersity of your team is commendable 👏👏
I wish you people Good luck 🤞

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This team is perfect example of women empowerment. This team should be selected.

Thank you so much sir may your word come true

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Good luck, Fantastic team.!

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Wow perfect team, all women good luck

Thanks dear

This candidate for the formation of an extraordinary team curator, I saw 7 great female figures who have been the priority of the Steemit team. Good luck together, see you at the top. Steem is Active!

Ini calon formasi curator tim yang luar biasa, saya melihat 7 tokoh wanita hebat yang selama ini menjadi perioritas tim Steemit. Semoga menang bersama, see you in the top. Steem On!

Salam untuk @janemorane, @cndycam @shohana1, @jyoti-thelight, @alena-vladi, @nishadi89 and @eliany

Best Regard,
Bangmimi - Indonesia 🇮🇩

salam and thanks for kind words bro

OK, see you in the top my sister

ha ha that could be a dream only !

Thank you for your nice commendation 😄

Have nice day

W Salam! Thank you so much for your appreciation and we hope to ge to the top dear . ❤️❤️

Assalamualaikum, nice to meet you my sis

Walikum Salam, JazakAllah khair bro same here. ❤️

Ana bil Khair, Alhamdulillah.
Greeting to your family in Pakistan

JazakAllah ❤️

Thank you so much @bangmini for your kind words. ☺️

Thank you for appreciation my dear friend!

A beautiful, talented and wonderful team, All the best

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Best wishes from Steemit India

Wish you good luck. Hope steemit team will look into this application with their kind attention.

I hope so too friend!

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Excellent team, I wish you success.👍

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Muchas gracias mi querida amiga, tu aprecio aumenta nuestra confianza.

go girls! Good luck!;)

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Good luck! I believe that you will be the best team!

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You guys are a great team good luck fighting for the best

Thanks dear 😊❤️

Welcome you are darling we wish you the best

This means a lot to me my friend ❤️

Good luck to all of us, dear! I hope the curators will see that we are really experts in art and they will appreciate this.

Offcourse you all are appreciated! Good luck to all of us.

U guys will do amazing . I wish you well in your new role