Curators' Team Application [Life and Humanity] by The Optimum Seven

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Dear @steemitblog,

I would like to say thanks for giving us another opportunity to contribute to this amazing platform. I believe, with the reinstatement of Community Curators there will be an increase in the sense of communityship among Steemians specially Authors. They will experience the responsibility and learn the importance of curating the right content which complies with Proof of Brain.

It would be good to be in the curators' shoes for once. Many of us are/ were already curating in their respective regions and communities but this idea of making diverse teams will open new horizons of teamwork across the globe.

Application for Curators' Team

I have formed a diverse yet wonderful team with six other valuable and hardworking Steemians. We would like to apply for the curators' team.

Which of the five themes above they would like to curate for.

We would like to curate for the theme:

Life and Humanity

which includes The Diary Game, Act of Kindness and Charity.

Details of the team members (nationality, languages, time active on Steem, #club status).

Here are the members of the curators' team, The Optimum Seven.



Why they would make a good curation team.

We believe that we can make an excellent curation team because we have formed a very diverse team in terms of nationalities, languages and communities.

  • We are seven people (@anroja, @disconnect, @event-horizon, @ngoenyi, @olesia, @saracamepro, @svm038) from seven different countries (Indonesia, Srilanka, Pakistan, Nigeria, Ukraine, Venezuela, Turkey) who can cover six major regions on Steemit (South East Asia, South Asia, Africa, Latin America, East Europe, North Asia).

  • Together we can cover nine languages - English, Indonesian, Sinhala, Urdu, Igbo, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish and Turkish. which are most commonly used by users.

  • Almost all of us are admins or moderators of eleven communities - Steam SEA , Steemit Pakistan, Steemkids, Steem Alive , Promo Steem, SteemWomen Club, Steem BRU, Steem Venezuela, Steemit Turkiye, Steem Amal, Steem Foods.

  • We all are part of different charity projects of Steem like Steem Amal , Skids-charity , Womenclubcharity , SF-charity so we can easily curate relevant content.

Anything special about how they will do their curation to ensure the widest reach.

We have a sound plan to ensure the widest reach. As it will be the tag curation so we will make coverage schedules like:

ngoenyi - 00:00 - 04:00
anroja - 04:00 - 08:00
olesia - 08:00 - 12:00
event-horizon 12:00 - 16:00
svm038 16:00 - 20:00
saracampero 20:00 - 00:00
disconnect 00:00 - 04:00

This will ensure that maximum posts are covered. If one team member faces unfamiliar language, he/she can use the translator or take help of the relevant team member. I think we are at advantage here because we know almost all major languages used on Steemit.

We also have @disconnect in our team. The special skill that disconnect has is that of being everywhere. He moves around and that means, we will readily go around in search of publications in our assisted theme.

This strategy will work in an optimal way ensuring the widest reach and avoiding the double work.

We will also make sure that no user gets votes more than twice per week in order to reach more unique authors.

This is our preliminary plan. If we get the curatorship then we will workout this plan in detail and make necessary changes.

How they will ensure they will not vote for any posts with plagiarized content.

  • We will prefer to check posts of Verified Users.

  • We will preferably curate only those posts which have comments of community mods with some particular checks like Plagiarism, Bid-Bots, Club status, Steem-exclusive etc.

  • We will use anti-plagiarism tools specially for the blog posts which are not posted in any community.



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It is a pleasure to be in this curator group. we are all successful users on Steemit. And we have full confidence in each other. we will also be successful in managing a curated account. We plan to give fair votes to everyone in this category.

There is no doubt that we will win. the best of The Optimum Seven 💪🎉

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Wonderful combination! I couldn't settle for less. All of us have been super active since we joined steemit and our contributions speak for themselves. We have steemit award winners, contest hunters, community builders, wonderful writers, experts in humanity/selfless in service, steempower builders, multiple dolphins and many more.

I am glad to belong here. The spirit is willing and we are all eager to work.

All the best to my team 💯💯🎉🎉

Congratulations ma for your new promotion. Indeed, hard work pays. More ability.

An excellent team, which over time has demonstrated its commitment and voluntary love for what it does within the community.

Blessings and success 💪 🔥

The Optimum Seven. Wow... So cool. Great and insightful people are here. (@anroja, @disconnect, @event-horizon, @ngoenyi, @olesia, @saracamepro, @svm038) Their loyalty to the #steemit platform is very proud. I really support this team.
Hopefully the Steemit Team will also consider this. In my opinion, this team deserves the trust.

Thank you, @f2i5)

Thank you @f2i5. Your recommendation is a source of hope.

Thank you very much my brother

Vaaov thanks 🙏

Thank you so much for trusting us.

Ini tim yang luar biasa, saya sangat senang bekerjasama dengan orang-orang hebat di platform ini. Mari kita bergandengan tangan memberikan yang terbaik.

Cool, friends)

Optimum Seven.. See the name says it all :)

The "optimum seven"! Woow, what a great team with strong contributors. Thousand of words can't describe how amazing this team is and always will be.
@anroja @disconnect @event-horizon @ngoenyi @olesia @saracamepro and @svm038
Best wishes wonderful people!

Thank) you

Thank you

Thanks for your wonderful recommendation @adylinah ❤️

Thank you dear. Your praise means a lot.

when I look at the names @anroja, @disconnect, @event-horizon, @ngoenyi, @olesia, @saracamepro, and @svm038 as a team, I think this is a very complete and trusted team. Almost all of them are the great community founders and managers.
My Best regards to all of you..

Thank you)

You are Wellcome 😀

There are very strong people in your team. You are also a very law abiding and kind women. 🤗❤ I like you and your team members. Very wish your all the best 💞

Thankyou so much dearest @nishadi89 for such praise. Good luck!

Hola, me gustaría saber en específico cuáles son las etiquetas que seguirá este grupo de curación por favor. Gracias. 1_20210401_152726_0000.png

Excellent team, You will do a great job friends..!

Excelente equipo me gusta mucho sobretodo que todos son de diferentes países.

Thank you. We tried to be as diverse as we could get. XD

Excellent team

Thank you.

Wishing you guys the best

Thank you

This is very nice combination of the team, @ngoenyi you chose the rights choice

Un equipo bastante multifacético y dinámico. Me encanta. Les deseo lo mejor y que sea inició para el bien común de todos quienes día a día traemos contenido con calidad. Saludos♥️

Thank you. We aim to bring positivity and curate content in the fairest possible way.

Great team I must say.
Best of luck

Thank you.

Excelente equipo, lleno de personas muy comprometidas dentro de la plataforma.


Thank you.

Great team
Kudos to you all

Thank you.

Good, strong team! Besides svm, that I didn't have a chance to know better yet, I had a contact with all of you and respect you very, very much!

Wishing you all the best ♥️🙌🏽

Thank you boss for your good wishes. I appreciate your love.

You don't miss much by not knowing SVM hahaha XD

Thank you so much. All the best to you too. You made a wonderful team as well.

You have a very strong team! I wish you success!)

Thank dear

Excelente equipo de trabajo, muy buenas selecciones!
Bendiciones para todos!

Thank you dear.

Nice combination. Wishing you all success.

Thank you so much.

This is captain marvel and the league. Defenders of the planet.


Great team line-up! :) It is impossible to doubt your efficiency :))

Thank you friend.

Your team formation is outstanding as well. May you be victorious. (:

Really interesting this is a great team 👍 wish you all success

Thank you eliany. 😀


Good Team
Good Job

Thank you.

I love this team because it's full of experience and committed Steemians. Wishing you guys the best in the selection

Thankyou so much.

great team, good luck to all of you,

Thank you.

Good luck to the team!

Thank you.

Best team Optimum Seven. Wishing you guys the best.


You formed a great team of excellent steemians. Best of luck, this is such of interesting area for working.

Thank you.

удачи вам!
и нам)

Thank you. Good luck from our side.

Excelente equipo, todos muy bien preparados; se que realizarán un excelente trabajo. Éxitos y Bendiciones.

Thank you.

Gran equipo felicidades por la organización y trabajos realizados éxito amigos.

Thank you friend.

You have choose a great time and I am sad that I can't join any team because there is become one year while working on steemit. But been wishes for you all.

You can try for a team. So many people who have applied don't have one year old account.

Sure I will try. Thanks

Greetings friend @event-horizon

Excellent team, talented staff who have shown commitment to the communities and the platform.

I wish you success.

Thank you so much. Fingers crossed. 🤞🏻😁

Great team.All my support.

Thank you Professor.

You built the most competitive team. 👏

Thank you.

Wow, great team 💪

Thank you.

Best team ever,Keep on fighting 🙏

Semoga sukses

Beubereh aju,Bek karu2
Kut laju asai na 😅😅😅

Good luck and success!
Excellent team : @anroja, @disconnect, @event-horizon, @ngoenyi, @olesia, @saracamepro, @svm038.

Thank you, @janettyanez)

Thank you dear

This team is bae and I wish you guys all the best.

Thank you.

Super team

Отличная команда!

Tim yang lengkap dan luar biasa, dari berbagai negara, budaya dan bahasa yang berbeda, bersatu, sungguh luar biasa.... Semoga sukses...

This will make a great team, I wish you all the best.

Thank you dear Sis

It is good to have this program again in the platform. I'm certain with this no post with quality will go unvoted.

A great indeed you guys have formed. I believe with the diversity you will achieve excellent results. Good luck

#twopercent #cameroon

Yes, we believe that this project will bring positive changes in Steemit and we would like to be a part of that change.

Thank you!

Muy buen equipo, se harán un buen trabajo suerte!!

I have a question 🤔

ngoenyi - 00:00 - 04:00
anroja - 04:00 - 08:00
olesia - 08:00 - 12:00
event-horizon 12:00 - 16:00
svm038 16:00 - 20:00
saracampero 20:00 - 00:00
disconnect 00:00 - 04:00

How can you curate 24/7? Battery is sooo limited. You wanna upvote every post with 100% charged battery? 🤔

We will just collect the links in our scheduled time and then one of us will give votes such that mana is full in next 24 hours.

During these hours, publications will be reviewed.

Each member should cover the publications created during their work hours. "Attach your favorites or the ones you liked the most to a google sheet.

And then, when the account is loaded, a member will use it to continuously vote. And so to take advantage of the time optimally %VP.

That's what the program is all about.

It is a shared responsibility in case you care about our batteries and health. We are optimal seven from different time zones. While some are sleeping, others are awake. So it is easier for the team to work round the clock as scheduled. We will review before curating any post to ensure the post is of quality and deserves to be curated.

@event-horizon good luck 🤞

Thank you.

Wow Optimum team indeed! I would call them expertise team. I believe in this team and I wish them success

May the 4th be with you)

Thank you.

Felicidades a todos los curadores.!😃🎉👍🏻

Excelente equipo. sueño que sera el ganador y podremos tener un buen sistema de curaduría.

Felicidades equipo, todos son un gran ejemplo en la plataforma. Les deseo mucho éxito.

Good team and team members.
Best of luck.

Thank you.

Wow great team. Whish you all the best

Thankyou dear.