Curator Team Application for June 2022 - "Lifestyle" - by IAT

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Dear Steemit community, dear Steemit team,
after some thoughts and discussions within our established IAT team, we have decided to apply as community curators for the topic "Lifestyle" after two successful months!

Thoughts? Discussions? Yes, of course! On the one hand, we think that a change of the team would be okay, because other users should also experience what good curating (read, control, decide, vote) means. On the other hand we think: “If it ain't broke, don't fix it.”


The Team

Due to other commitments, unfortunately @willeusz has decided to step aside for this month’s application and instead of hurriedly trying to replace him, we have opted to apply for the month of June as a team of six - working together to take up the “travel” challenge with it being a topic that we’re all interested in.

Our team consists of six loyal, honest and experienced Steemians:

@alee75 (Indonesia) club100
@chriddi (Germany) club100
@event-horizon (Pakistan) club75
@o1eh (Ukraine) club75
@the-gorilla (UK) club100
@whyshy (Turkey) club100

We are all very active and engaged in different communities - as diligent authors, curators, mods or admins. Moreover, each of us is responsible for different projects that have the potential to advance the platform, to keep Steemit attractive.

Of course, we all regularly power up our rewards. Most of us are in #club100 out of conviction and not because we feel forced or want to "secure" high rewards. We are convinced that a community can only grow and become strong together. Only if you power up, can you also support others. The community itself is responsible for growth!

If you want to learn more about us, please have a look at our previous application. In there we also shared personal experiences with curating via the sc08 account.

The Successes

We are not lone wolves - we work perfectly together! We support each other e.g. by substituting when a user is unavailable, by working together on our reports and correcting them and especially by discussing "cases of doubt".

  • We search all posts of the hashtags food, garden, health, leisure, lifestyle, sport(s), travel and their subcategories, not bound to specific communities. We are helped by a well-organized system - no good post that meets all requirements can be overlooked.
  • Thanks to the tool of @the-gorilla (@coding-gorilla) we can recognize the club status of a user with one click. At the same time, we never tire of educating authors about their possible misuse of hashtags. We are very grateful that the Steemit team has confirmed the validity of our work with this tool.
  • We spread our votes a lot. This week, for example, we distributed 124 upvotes to 106 authors. So there is no particular accumulation or even favoritism of individuals! To ensure this, we use a program developed by @the-gorilla.
  • Many users have stopped tagging the sc accounts or our private accounts because we were able to convince them that it's unnecessary and we pay attention to them without this approach.
  • Plagiarism has become infrequent in "our" tags - If we catch somebody, we address it head-on. And we think that we are good at this - thanks to @endingplagiarsm we have even found texts stolen from the voice track of videos.
  • We have noticed that the quality of posts has improved in "our" tags since we became a curation team.

And Now?

We believe that we have achieved a great deal as a team. We have fought "battles" that others would have to start again or might choose not to have. We know the tricks of many users who no longer even try to sneak a vote with us and above all, we are convinced that we can find quality on the platform efficiently. At the same time, diving for gems has become much faster than when we started, thanks to some routine, very good organization and structure.

Yes, we want to continue to do our part to improve and grow this blockchain and would be very happy if you all trust us once again!

Warm regards,

IAT - International A-Team

Gifs by @whyshy


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They are an excellent team without a doubt, I am sure they will do a very good job.

I agree, this team has a great lineup of dedicated Steemians

Thank you for appreciating our work.... 😊

Nice application. I'm so sorry to hear about what happened to one of your members. But I think y'all are very good and hard working Steemians on this platform, so I trust you guys can carry out this task even more effectively.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.”

Wooow I enjoyed that sound track because I'm a good fan of such music

I wish you all the best in this application

Thank you very much. We wanted to present something different - unique content... ;-)
Of course we are a bit sad, but we are very confident and will perform the task with six mates.

Good luck!

I like your decision not to change the established team and to allow one member to take time off and return. Speaks for loyalty and harmony within your group.

Glück gewünscht!

Ich mag Eure Entscheidung, das bewährte Team nicht zu verändern und einem Mitglied Auszeit und Rückkehr zu ermöglichen. Spricht für Loyalität und Harmonie innerhalb Eurer Gruppe.

Vielen lieben Dank... 😊

Wow very nice application my dear friends. All members are very experienced persons. Best of luck for this application...


Thanks a lot... 😊

Best wishes for your application!
The 6 of you make a great team!

Thank you very much... 😊

Also to you and your team our thanks for the good work and good luck for the new application - it's great!

Thank you!

Excellent team👍

You will do best again as did before. Best of luck for this month

Thank you very much... 😊

Hello friends, you have done a good job, I am sure you will do it very well again. Regards.

Thanks a lot for your appreciation... 😊

Excellence team! You did your job very well for the past months. Let's see how this month goes

Thank you. We are gonna continue to do our best... 😉

I trust the team

so in order to receive votes from your lifestyle account users will have to set @null?
is that really ok according to you?

I'm confused - which part of our application led you to this conclusion? (We can change / remove it to avoid any confusion.)

Tell me the truth, you as a thinking person full of wisdom and understanding of the cryptographic world, do you think that if I burn my 25k, I will be saving Steem?

If Latin American users burn all their Steem, will they save the token?

Do you think this is the most brilliant idea a user has ever come up with on steemit.

You know very well that Steem burning has been around forever, but it should be done by whales not fish.

full of wisdom and understanding

I think you've got the wrong person 🤣

I am watching #burnsteem25 with interest and I'll see where we are in a month's time 🙂

Ok 👍 thanks ❤️

Confuguration @null

Because we set @null as a beneficiary?

very good question 😂

We decided to burn the rewards of this application. That doesn't mean we are imposing any such rule on the lifestyle authors plus Steemit team itself hasn't made it mandatory. We always look for quality and basic rules provided by the ST and will continue to do so if given a chance once again.

Great ❤️

No. Nobody has to set @null for receiving votes from our team. Our application does not say so, does it?

I hope you will not condition it too; I think you have done a great job and I am sorry that you too are being dragged along by the absurd current of burnsteem.
did you see that @kiwiscanfly is conditioning him on his sc07 team?
this causes me revulsion and disgust to the point of vomit.

Yes, we have seen that some teams have set the burning as a rule.
But we do not want to set a rule that even the Steemit team hasn’t set (so far).
The virally use of the tag developed out of a single comment the sc01 did. In my opinion this comment was just a loud thinking. You have to be convinced of the effect of burning STEEM, you should not use the method and the tag because you hope to get higher votes.

These are the chronicles of a death foretold. You can't imagine how much I love steemit, I've been battling here for almost 5 years now and for the first time in a long time I feel disgusted by so much ignominy.

Keep your integrity, don't negotiate your principles and your knowledge; steemit needs real thinkers and intelligent people and not people who appear to have no brains just to get votes.

Wrong again - our application is looking to support users over 3 tags


Perfecto, sos genio total!

Éxitos totales para vos

Yes, your team was doing okay and its nice seeing you people going again.

Even with six numbers, i know you will still make it great. I wish you all success.

Okay?!... 😱... 😂

Thanks a lot... 😊

you are welcome..

Felicitaciones por su nombramiento, podrían decirme cuales son sus etiquetas que usaran para la curación de publicaciones. Gracias.

Son estas?

food, garden, health, leisure, lifestyle, sport(s), travel


Muchas gracias.

Publicaremos un post con los criterios hoy o mañana. Habrá pocos cambios con respecto a nuestro enfoque anterior:

Kuddos to your Captivating application and I know you guys will be amongst the winners!

Hopefully, I will see and enjoy Posts written with your tags
Congratulations in advance

Thank you... 😎

Good team, great intentions! 🙂👍

Thank you... 😀

Best of luck IAT. Success for your team.

Thank you... 👍