Curator Team Application for Learn with Steem Category by The Iconic Seven

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Good day steemians and my fellow applicants, I am proud to once again introduce you to the Iconic 7's curator's application for May 2022. Our gratitude goes to the steemit team for providing such a renowned opportunity to participate in this month's application for the curator team position.

So far, we have seen the wonderful work other curators have been doing in the past and for May, we would like to hand in our application to join in the good work. This initiative of community curators has gone a long way in shaping the steemit platform and users are eager to create more quality content, free from plagiarism.

We have applied in the last month and we were not selected, armed with upgraded members, we have come again to apply under the #learnwithsteem category with the following members, their club status, nationality, and language spoken.

UsernameClub StatusNationalityLanguage Spoken
@beckie96830 (Leader)club75NigeriaEnglish, Igbo
@deepak94club100IndiaEnglish, Hindi and Bhojpuri, Punjabi
@sathsaraclub100Sri lankaEnglish, sinhala and tamil
@mrsokalclub100BangladeshiBangla, English
@alexandergudinoclub75VenezuelanEnglish, Spanish
@graciellaclub75CameroonEnglish, Spanish
@rubilu123club5050GhanaGhana, English and Dagbani

Members of this iconic group spans from different countries speaking diverse languages but we all communicate in a language we all understand. For clarity purposes, we would curate posts in all languages using google translator to translate to a language we can easily understand.

So far we have known the team member. More details of their participation within and outside steemit is below;

▪️ joined steemit on 4th July 2020
▪️ She has proven to be an expert in creative writing sharing quality contents
▪️ She has a fundamental knowledge on finance and agriculture
▪️ She is a founding member of one of the greatest community on steemit, steemalive, is an active member in different communities like steemit crypto academy, campus connect
▪️ Her areas of interests includes; Teaching, Arts, Game, Creative writing, Crypto, and Promoting steem.
▪️ He has been on steemit blockchain since August 2021 and is a mechanical engineer by profession
▪️ He is an active MOD in steemindiaa and active member of steemfoods . Also, a Pro Newcomer member in Newcomer community
▪️ He is part time specialises in production and photography, something he enjoys doing once given the opportunity
▪️ He has proven to have a fundamental knowledge on c and c++ programming language and buisness. His major hobby is watching football games but aside that, he likes to write and read blogs. He is experienced in share market in National Stock Exchange
▪️ He has been active on steemit since April 2021 and he is anaeronautical engineer in sri lankan air force
▪️ He has years of experience in crypto trading and also part-time photographer
▪️ He is an active member in project hope and steem for betterlife and doe s not slack in promoting steemit
▪️ His areas of interest spans across science , art, technology , music, game, writting, crypto, photography
▪️ He has been active on steemit since July 2021
▪️ He is an MOD of steemphotos, active member in different communities like steemit garden, steemit phillipine, steemit japan
▪️ He has many years of trading in crypto, technologist and part-time photographer
▪️ One of his major interests is science others are art, technology, music, game, writting, crypto, photography, lifestyle, promoting steem
▪️ He has been on this steemit platform since February 2021
▪️ He is an MOD of steem baseball
▪️ He is a full time Lawyer, also and expert in multimodal transport
▪️ He participates actively in various commuities and is very interested in promoting Steemit
▪️ He loves Sports, science, technology, art, writing, cryptography, photography, lifestyle, steem promotion
▪️ She joined steemit December 10, 2021 and has been active since then
▪️ GRaduated with a B.Sc in accounting and learnig a skill in baking
▪️ She knows all about computer, technology, finance, business and food. Her hobbies includes Music, writing, food, health computer, travel
▪️ Active member in steem-cameroon, steem women club and active contests in other different communities
▪️ Joined steemit in March of 2021
▪️ He is an MOD of steem ghana
▪️ currently studying computer science at the university in Ghana
▪️ He also have knowledge in programming in languages such as Python and c++.
▪️ Active member of the CryptoAcademy, trader. He is a steem promoter that take interest in promoting steemit.

Why would your team make a good curation team

On the steemit Ecosystem, we have seen users trying very hard and making quality post but sadly their posts go unnoticed due to several reasons. Our team is made up of members who have real-life experiences on the theme we have selected.

Our concentration will be on users who are at least in club5050. We will want to reward users who are dedicated to the platform and are engaging with the posts of other users by commenting, up voting on other valuable posts that have been made by other users. A user who is not in club5050 or any of the other clubs will be encouraged by team members after accessing the situation and then the user will be encouraged to join at least club5050 to be able to receive future support from the team.

Anything special about how your team will do their curation to ensure the widest reach

We have been on the steemit platform and have seen how the team takes pride in rewarding only quality posts. We as a team have decided that we will share the various tags under the theme we have selected so that we can curate it on daily bases. Through this, we are sure that we can curate a wide range of posts if not all posts that will be created under the tag we have selected.

First of all, we will make sure to centralize most of our votes around people who are in club5050, #club75 and club100. That being said, we will make sure to leave a comment encouraging them to join the various clubs so that they can be curated next time.

Secondly we will make sure that a post that has been created under our theme will be of high quality before curation is done on the post. The post will have to contain a minimum of 300 words. The user must use proper markdowns and also information provided must be useful to others on the platform.

We will also make sure to curate posts that are only under our tags. We will make sure to check images that have been used and to make sure that the images used are copyright free and have been properly sourced. The language that has been used in the post must be clear and easy to understand by all users.

Lastly, plagiarism is an act that is not tolerated on the steemit platform hence we will make sure to use the various plagiarism and rewriting tools to make sure that a post created under our theme is free from plagiarism before curation is done.

How they will ensure they will not vote for posts with plagiarized content

As I said earlier, we will make sure that all posts have been checked for plagiarism with the various plagiarism and rewriting tools before curation is done.

Any user who is found plagiarizing under our tag will be taken note of and continues plagiarism and content abuse of any user under our tag will be blacklisted from curation

The users must also make sure to add the #steemexclusive tag to their posts and ensure their posts are truly steemexclusive.

We will also make sure that if a user is caught plagiarizing we will make sure to leave a comment and also tag endplagiarism in the comment to take a look.

We have considered and pondered on how difficult the work will be but we are ready to help and curate posts under the theme we have selected and we will be highly honored to be entrusted with this task.

Sincerely yours
The Iconic 7.

Kindly note; This is a re-application with minor modifications made to the already existing post made by @rubilu123 .

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Good luck team.
I'm sure you people will do a great job if given the opportunity

Thank you😊

I'm so happy to be part of this Iconic 7 team. All the best to us. And hope we can win....

It's good to be part of this team.
I know we will put in our best to do what is required.

It is an honor to be part of this team which is committed to developing the best work possible under the #learnwithsteem label. We hope to be selected to show the best of us for the steemit ecosystem in our management.

Hello everyone, excellent post leader, proud to be part of this team, we have done a great job and it would be great to extend our work to the month of May. Thanks for the support and the opportunity.

Best of luck dear 7 Iconic team.

Thank you😊

Wow, this is a great team. I wish you success.

Thank you ma

I wish you'll great success!
Your team is made of diverse and experience steemians.
I know you'll do a great job

We will do our best
Thanks for the support

My best wishes!

Thank you dr

It will be great to be given the opportunity to work for the betterment of the steemit ecosystem. We will try our best to cover if not akl but most of the post under our tag and make sure everything is satisfied with our curation if we are given the opportunity.

Whaou !! What a great team I specialy know @graciella in Steem-Cameroon community to be very active and also @mrsokal in steemit Philippines community. These are all active members on steemit platform. It can be seen on when they joined steemit and their realisation on the platform.
Wish you the best guys. Hope you shall do it.

Let's steem together

thank you very much😊

Welcome ma'am I mean my words...

thank you so much for supporting us


It is a matter of good fortune for me that I am a member of this iconic 7. We are all learning a lot from Steemit and hope that we get selected as the curation team for the month of May this time and we can do a lot more.We will try our best and work hard.

It'll be great to work with you guys

Great combination, I wish this team a success. This team will make the best in voting #learnwiithsteem

@beckie96830 & team,
Best wishes! I know that you guys can do it! 🤞🏻

Beautiful team made up of young and vibrant Steemians. I wish y'all the best in this application

I believe this will make an awesome team. I am made @gracielia from different interactions on steemit and contests and i believe she is straight forward committed and will handle the task just lije others. For the others i also know are reputable stemmians . They will make a great team. Good luck in advance

Good team and selection
I wish you success

A nice one here I wish all the contestan good luck