Curator Helper: Lifestyle Tags Between 11th May and 17th May

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Welcome to our latest edition of Curator Helper. The list of posts below have been selected for their high effort and aren't selected for their vote value, nor for their author's reputation.

This edition includes 50 articles that fit into the criteria outlined at the end of this post.

I hope that you enjoy them and please support any that you find interesting.

Please reply with suggestions on improvements that can be made in future editions or if any of the posts highlighted contain plagiarism or other abusive content.

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El Guerrero Silencioso. Parte 1 de 2 / Venezolano-English / Escrito original de @theatrorve / Domingo 15 05 2022 / #WoxSports / #club5050

Tags: club5050, woxsports, steemexclusive, venezuela, writing, football, steemitblog, steemit, hive-100604

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Me Siento Usado… y Muy Decepcionado / Escrito original de @theatrorve / Miércoles 11 05 2022 / #worldoffootball / #club5050

Tags: club5050, worldoffootball, venezuela, steemexclusive, futbol, sport, contest, steemit, hive-130734

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The Diary-Game [Minggu, 15 Mei 2022] - Dari Lapangan Hijau Menuju Pendopo Walikota

Tags: thediarygame, lifestyle, indonesia, betterlife, steemexclusive, hive-103393

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Miercoles de mujeres: Maternidad y Trabajo ¿Cómo sobrellevar este proceso? Mi experiencia personal [club5050] por @mariannpa1.

Tags: sv-mujeres, steemexclusive, venezuela, club5050, lifestyle, hive-193637

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Steem Women club Engagement Contest |Recreation, Farming, Christian meeting, Blogging in Steemit/Steem Promotion Are the Activities I Enjoy Doing With My Family And Friends | By @ngoenyi.

Tags: swcengagament3, lifestyle, engagament, steemwomenclub, steemexclusive, club74, hive-188403

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Un gran talento se une ahora a la Premier League - Poderio Noruego | ESP - ENG |

Tags: steemexclusive, club75, spanish, sport, football, steem, england, woxsports, hive-100604

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Traveling there in a small town of my aunt's house

Tags: travel, travelling, writing, club5050, steemexclusive, lifestyle, contest, hive-111293

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Steemit Engagement challenge week 3 - Defend the statements | 20% beneficiaries to pak-charity

Tags: spengagement-week3, club100, lifestyle, nigeria, steemalive, steemexclusive, hive-136998

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¿Quién es tu Deportista Favorito? / Carmelo Anthony / Por @wentv

Tags: club5050, sport, steemexclusive, lifestyle, deportes, wearesports, venezuela, hive-119837

Club Status



Tags: swcengagament3, engagament, steemwomenclub, steemexclusive, club5050, cameroon, lifestyle, hive-188403

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Steemit Engagement Challenge||Be The Critical Thinker that we want to see by @armstrongdiho

Tags: spengagement-week3, lifestyle, club5050, nigeria, steemexclusive, krsucess, hive-136998

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Steem Entrepreneurs Engagement Challenge 3 | STEEM CULINARY CONTEST | A REVIEW OF Ahmad's Shawarma spot

Tags: culinary-engagement, diarygame, steemexclusive, lifestyle, club5050, nigeria, hive-120861

Club Status


Mi campeón favorito... Que no existe! | "Santiago Munez" - la historia que todo amante al fútbol quisiera vivir | @titopx

Tags: steemexclusive, sports, contest, writing, lifestyle, venezuela, club5050, hive-100604

Club Status


VIII Traditional Food Weekly Challenge - lassa samai

Tags: food, health, lifestyle, writing, club5050, steemexclusive, hive-111293

Club Status


Steemit Engagement Challenge Week # 3 || Defiende las declaraciones por @Edlili24 #club5050

Tags: spengagement-week3, club5050, contest, steemexclusive, lifestyle, betterlife, venezuela, hive-136998

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Betterlife The Diary-Game [Saturday May 14th, 2022] - Menuju Silaturahmi di Lapangan Hijau

Tags: betterlife, lifestyle, indonesia, steemexclusive, hive-153970

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#Club5050 Auxilio Médico de Emergencia ⚕️ EMERGENCIAS POR GOLPE DE CALOR . by @Aleravago.

Tags: club5050, health, learnwithsteem, science, steemorginal, steemexclusive, venezuela, wearesports, hive-119837

Club Status


Steem Women club Engagement | Desarrollo de adentro hacia afuera | Por: @frankingcol

Tags: swcengagement4, club75, steemexclusive, contest, lifestyle, venezuela, hive-188403

Club Status


Club5050 | How To Develop Children's Learning Abilities | Beneficiary Set 10% To @steemkidss | By @azmat545

Tags: steemexclusive, lifestyle, club5050, steemkids, pakistan, hive-139765

Club Status


Steemit Engagement Contest4 ; Describe what you do for personal development“📙 👩👨 #swcengagement4 by @ngoenyi

Tags: swcengagement4, lifestyle, engagement, steemwomenclub, steemexclusive, club75, hive-188403

Club Status


Steemit Engagement Challange III | STEEM CONCURSO CULINARIO|por @aleisbertblanco

Tags: club5050, culinary-engagement, steemexclusive, steementrepreneurs, lifestyle, business, venezuela, hive-120861

Club Status


Desafío de Compromiso de Steemit III | CONCURSO CULINARIO STEEM

Tags: culinary-engagement, steemexclusive, club75, food, argentina, hive-120861

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#club5050 / Viernes de SV-Psicología 13-05-2022 / El bullying en la infancia / Por @paholags

Tags: club5050, health, sv-psicologia, steemexclusive, venezuela, hive-193637

Club Status


#CLUB100 - The Diary Game, 13 Mei 2022 - Mengikuti Meet up Steemian Bersama CR dan Tim Kurasi Indonesia.

Tags: club100, thediarygame, promo-steem, lifestyle, steemexclusive, indonesia, steemit, club, hive-120861

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Tags: technology, steemexclusive, lifestyle, steemalive, steemit, nigeria, hive-167622

Club Status


My Sunday And I by @caleb-marvel...

Tags: lifestyle, contest, club5050, photography, steemexclusive, steemit, nigeria, hive-167622

Club Status


Concurso SteemFoods X Steemit Engagement Challenge 3️⃣ | Promociona Tu Supermercado Favorito: Automercado Atlántico | Por @paholags

Tags: sf-favoritesupermarket, club5050, food, steemexclusive, steemfoods-event, venezuela, hive-148497

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Concurso sobre mi familia por @ositomoso. Detrás de mi hay una grandiosa y amorosa familia.

Tags: steemexclusive, lifestyle, contest, club75, venezuela, familia, amor, hive-181136

Club Status


The Diary Game (16/05/22): Charla en la Universidad y Creando para Steemit. 💜 ~ Club5050 ~ Por @carlaisl

Tags: club5050, thediarygame, lifestyle, betterlife, steemexclusive, venezuela, hive-188403

Club Status


Steemit Engagement Challenge Week #3 || Defend the Statements by @bolaji001

Tags: spengagement-week3, club5050, lifestyle, steemexclusive, nigeria, betterlive, contest, hive-136998

Club Status


The Diary Game - Selasa,10 Mei 2022 : Bepergian Yang Tidak Direncanakan

Tags: betterlife, thediarygame, indonesia, club5050, steemexclusive, photography, lifestyle, hive-103393

Club Status


My Sunday and I: See my Sunday lifestyle (15/5/2022)

Tags: hive-167622, contest, lifestyle, steemexclusive, club5050, nigeria, steemalive, hive-167622

Club Status


Несподівані вихідні / Unexpected Days Off (UA/EN)

Tags: clu75, steemexclusive, gardening, ukraine, hive-185538

Club Status


SteemFoods X Steemit Engagement Challenge Contest 3️⃣ | Promote Your Favorite Supermarket | Vision Complex Supermarket | By @chiabertrand

Tags: sf-favoritesupermarket, contest, food, steemfoods-event, steemexclusive, cameroon, club75, hive-148497

Club Status


Estoy feliz porque mi amigo está haciendo las audiciones para el Got Talent reality show en España

Tags: steemexclusive, lifestyle, betterlife, art, cotina, club5050, venezuela, hive-188619

Club Status


Concurso SteemFoods X Steemit Engagement Challenge 3 | Promociona tu Supermercado Favorito/#club100/ @reinamia

Tags: club100, sf-favoritesupermarket, food, steemexclusive, contest, venezuela, steemfoods, hive-148497

Club Status


Mi experiencia con The Diary Game: momentos especiales en cada capítulo ❤, por @alessgsl

Tags: club5050, sv-thediarygame, betterlife, lifestyle, steemexclusive, venezuela, hive-193637

Club Status


VII Traditional Food Weekly Challenge - Traditional Food Chichen Chrispy

Tags: food, health, club5050, writing, steemexclusive, hive-111293

Club Status


The Diary Game, Better Life, May 7th, 2022 : A Beautiful Koi Fish In The Fishpond Around The Swimming Pool Pijay Waterboom Meureudu 🐠🎏💖

Tags: club75, thediarygame, indonesia, fintech, lifestyle, steemexclusive, hive-103393

Club Status


The Diary Game | 16 Mei 2022 | Akhirnya Bapak Saya Menyerah

Tags: thediarygame, health, actsoftkindness, indonesia, steemexclusive, hive-103393

Club Status


Steem Women club Engagement Contest | Trabajando en mi |@mvchacin

Tags: swcengagement4, engagement, steemwomenclub, steemexclusive, lifestyle, club5050, venezuela, hive-188403

Club Status


My Sunday and I: A contest designed to showcase your Sunday lifestyle

Tags: lifestyle, contest, steemexclusive, nigeria, club5050, steemit, hive-167622

Club Status


SteemFoods X Steemit Engagement Challenge Contest 4️⃣ | My Favorite Pizza Recipe 🍕 | Homemade Mushroom and Black Olives Pizza

Tags: sf-favoritepizzarecipe, steemexclusive, venezuela, club100, food, engagementchallenge, steemfoods, club75, hive-148497

Club Status


Club5050 The Diary Game 08/05/2022: Celebrandole el día a las Madres de mi Hogar/ por @rmm31

Tags: hive-181136, club5050, thediarygame, steemexclusive, lifestyle, venezuela, spanish, scoutsysusamigos, hive-181136

Club Status


Steem Women club Engagement Contest | What I Do For Personal Care/ Development | 10% set to @steemwomensclub

Tags: hive-188403, swcengagement4, writing, engagement, lifestyle, steemwomenclub, steemexclusive, club5050, hive-188403

Club Status


Contest Entry: My Plans For The Year 2022 by @chizzybahd

Tags: lookingback, lifestyle, steemexclusive, club5050, nigeria, learnwithsteem, hive-147599

Club Status


My participation in SteemFoods X Steemit Engagement Challenge Contest 3️⃣ | Promote Your Favorite Supermarket 🛒 |Imtiaz super market | #club5050 @eshacheema786

Tags: hive-148497, sf-favoritesupermarket, club5050, steemexclusive, pakistan, lifestyle, contest, hive-148497

Club Status


Club 100💯/ They Diary Game:10/05/2022/. Día libre de muchas actividades. Organizando mi casa, y sirviendo de profesora improvisada😃😃🤗

Tags: betterlife, thediarygame, club100, steemexclusive, lifestyle, venezuela, apure, hive-113376

Club Status


The Diary Game - Jumat 13 Mei 2022 : Hadiri Meet Up Bersama CR dan Kurator Indonesia

Tags: club100, steemexclusive, thediarygame, indonesia, lifestyle, promo-steem, travel, hive-103393

Club Status


The diary game/11/05/2022 /Diario 311/ #club75 /Buscando una solución y surge otra cosa por hacer, arreglo de cabello.

Tags: thediarygame, betterlife, steemexclusive, lifestyle, venezuela, steemitblog, club75, hive-113376

Club Status

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