My Second Alternative for Buying Cryptocurrencies

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Everyone!!! I hope you are having a great time over there? It's really nice to see you visit my blog today and I must say I'm really happy to have a great personality like you visiting my blog today 😊. Thank you once again 💕

After going through a recent publication by a great friend of mine known as @crypto.piotr, I've also decided to share my infinitesimal knowledge about one of my favourite or best transaction I love using to buy some cryptos due to the fact that this method of transaction is very easy and sometimes more cheaper to use. I'm quite sure you are eager to know this simple method of transaction.

The fact is that a lot of you might be familiar with this method of crypto transactions while some of you might have heard or seen this method of transaction else where but the good news is that I'll be explaining how you can go about this method of crypto transaction including the necessary tools and information you'll need to make a successful crypto transaction without the need to trade on exchanges.

What's this crypto transaction method and how can I go about it?🤔


I already stated it from the beginning of this post that I'm going to tell you how this transaction is done and I also promised to tell you the name of this transaction. This is actually where you need to pay more attention because you just need to understand how it's done to avoid making mistakes. This crypto transaction process is known as crypto swapping transaction method.

The word swap literally means to change or exchange a commodity something for another commodity. This same process applies to cryptocurrency transactions. A proper understanding of how this is done can definitely fetch you more profit you can ever imagine.

There are great benefits attached to this method of crypto transaction and I think it's best i share just two benefits attached to it since I don't want this write up to be so bulky.



One of the smartest and best way to make huge profit in cryptocurrency is to be an early investor in good promising crypto projects. The astonishing fact is that most of this projects are mostly built on crypto explorers like Etherium, Binace Smart Chain, Avalanche, Polygon Matic, Luna and many others.

Getting such coins listed on top exchanges sometimes take time but you can be an early investor of such coins buying engaging in crypto swapping transaction provided you can get the coin contract address. The most commonly used medium for this transaction process are mostly pancakeswap and uniswap even though there are many others such as Suhshiswap, Julswap, bakeryswap, Miniswap, Justswap, Mooniswap, Anyswap, Burgerswap, and many others.

All you need to do is just to do your proper and deep research about crypto projects with good and promising prospects, then you buy such coins at a very early stage via crypto swapping transaction before it gets listed on other top exchanges.


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Another great advantage of crypto swapping transaction is that you may also have access to free airdrops just by swapping coins. A good scenario is that of the uniswap airdrop which gave users 400 Uniswap tokens per the number of transactions made on the platform. I know of friends who became crypto millionaire just by claiming Uniswap airdrop.

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The good news is that Robiniaswap will be launched today and this also gives you an opportunity to become an early adopter to start earning some RBS tokens just by staking or farming Steem or BNB on Robiniaswap. I'll be sharing more details about this on my next blog and I'll advice that you stay updated with my coming posts 😊.

How can I engage in Crypto Swapping Transactions


Engaging in crypto swapping transaction is extremely very easy to do just as I've stated in the beginning of this post. I'll be sharing with you the required steps to follow as guide whenever you intend to swap your cryptos and I definitely hope you'll find this helpful 😊.



The first step is to get a crypto wallet that supports this type of transaction. The fact is that not all wallet supports swapping transactions on their app. The most recommended application i will suggest are Trust Wallet, Metamask, SafePal and I'm Token. There are also several others out there too but these are majorly the ones I'm very familiar with and I also love using these apps when it comes to swapping cryptos.



The next step is to connect the exchange or swapping platform with a supported wallet (Metamask/Trust wallet/Safepal). There are several ways to go about this but there are times whereby the exchange (swapping) platform you intend to use would have indicated the available applications (metamask and trust wallet) that can support the swap while some won't indicate these applications.

The best option to apply here is to make use of wallet connect. With the wallet connect feature you can automatically link your wallet with the exchange platform directly. This can be done by pasting the exchange link (url) in a web browser (chrome) or you can also paste it in the Dapp browser link available on the wallet as seen in the screenshot below.

The last step is just to proceed with the swapping transaction if you already have the contract address of the coin you want to buy.


It will be more appropriate if I make use of Pancakeswap for example. All you need to do is to have some BNB (Bep20 /BSC) which is also known as wrapped BNB and then you paste the contract address of the coin you intend to buy after connecting your wallet with the exchange platform. You may also decide to set slippage tolerance if requested by the coin before the transaction then you confirm the transaction by clicking on swap then you're good to go 😊.


  • Send some wrapped BNB or BNB (Bep20/BSC) into the wallet (Trust Wallet, Safepal, Metamask, etc) you intend to use for the swap.



  • Connect the wallet (Safepal or Trust Wallet) with the exchange (Dex)


  • Paste the coin wallet address into pancakeswap

  • Set slippage tolerance if necessary and then check out for the quantity of the coin you intend to buy by selecting the amount of BNB you intend to use.


  • Lastly confirm the transaction by proceeding with the swap. Input your wallet password if necessary to confirm the transaction. Chill for like 5 mins for the transaction to reflect on bscscan then check your wallet again to see your coins deposited.

Thank You for your time and I hope you have a great day ahead with love from @hardaeborla



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Very complete post, as well as general. I'm left with a question: in Uniswap or maybe PancakeSwap can I find out or acquire coins or tokens from newly created projects before they are listed on large and important exchanges? It happens that sometimes tokens arrive at Binance or Coinex and it turns out that they were previously launched and I didn't find out about it.

I thank you in advance for your answer.