Decentralisation: SOLANA - Finding Problem In A Quest For A Solution

in cryptocurrencies •  2 months ago 

Decentralisation is power', is what many in the blockchain space advocates but is absolute decentralisation the way forward? A look at the recent developments in the cryptospace can trigger learning of new things and appreciating what we already have.

Solana blockchain saw its tokens rise in value astronomically within a short span of less than 3 years. From a mere $0.50 to its ATH of about $260 around seven months ago. The issue is not fully with the price but the likelihood of becoming another LUNA without any checks.


Decentralisation would have allowed the owner of over 100million dollars worth of SOLANA token sell at ease, but SOLEND made a proposal that will stop such dump of the token. That's to say without mincing words, the vote was to overtake such dump and equally take hold of the assets.

The company had a community backing, which makes one to question the idea of 'decentralisation'. What's your take about the scenario playing out? Please share your thoughts.

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