Bitcoin Prices Moving Up Showing Bullish Trend

in crypto •  3 years ago 

V2JWoabCMUyn (68).png

After 3 Jan 2020, Bitcoin is showing a continuous price increase and still expected to go up. Its the first bullish trend in the year 2020. It was expected that at the start of this year prices will go up with maybe little decrease sometime. But people again attracted to crypto and showing their interest.

Twitter activist and Crypto trader at CNBC, BigCheds said that “Normally when $BTC and other majors [top market cap altcoins] are hot people ride them, and then load alts on pullbacks and sideways consolidation, but with this increased bullish narrative investors and traders are getting cocky and pouring more money in, and with that many of these alt coin charts are showing signs of bottoming in higher time frames like the weekly chart.”

More said, “All in all, we are seeing activity level pick up across the board, from twitter engagement to youtube view counts, and with that is more money, more excitement and hopefully some new adventures.”

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