ETC Price Prediction: the MOON!

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Bitcoin is more akin to digital gold and Ethereum Classic is more like programmable digital gold.

Decentralized applications, or dapps, are products and services that may be built on EVM blockchains like ETC using smart contracts. Because Bitcoin is not an EVM blockchain it cannot have complex applications inside its highly secure environment, but they have to be built on higher layer components external to it.

Many kinds of dapps may be built, and have been built, on EVM blockchains like ETC. Examples of these are decentralized exchanges, loan and deposit services, insurance products, securities, mutual funds, and NFTs.

In the future, it is very likely that dapps like video services, messaging apps, and even ride share services may be built on EVM blockchains.

The use cases for ETC in particular, as a proof of work base layer system on par with Bitcoin, is for dapp and systems developers to build the most secure components of their products and services on ETC.

Just as Bitcoin is and will further achieve a value that is measured in the trillions of dollars; because of its incredible positioning and versatility, ETC will likely grow to be beside Bitcoin as a highly sought and valuable programmable base layer blockchain, and will thus be worth trillions as well.

My Price prediction of ETC to BTC will be 10 to 1 in 2023
Par 1 ETC to 1 BTC in 2024 and Countries will start to use ETC as nations currencies.
Then in 2025 ETC will become #1 Crypto by marketcap and used world wide for every company.

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