Have We Finally Bottomed Out?

in crypto •  2 months ago 

The crypto market has seen a major crash on almost all fronts. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Hive, Ethereum, etc... They've all taken a massive blow, falling around 20%+ in just one week. People are panic selling, and this trend has continued today as well.

Even though mainstream crypto coins are somewhat rebounding, due to people consolidating their coins into trustworthy markets, altcoins continue to take a massive beating. There is still plenty of speculation, people are feeling gloomy and fearful. The LUNA fiasco has been hard on people, and there have been reports that some people even committed suicide during this collapse. It's hard exactly to say whether it was the crash in the markets that led people to do this, but according to the reports, it may just be the case.

Cryptocurrency is fun and games, but if people put too much into one coin or asset, things can get ugly fast.

Have we bottomed out? It's honestly tough to say, people are expecting more of a drop, while others are blinded by optimism. We just don't know where we'll be a week from now.

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