Great Pop!

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Hi Friends,

I was throwing some money at speculative coins, and mentioned I picked up some cheap Dexiprotocol coins... turns out, I got in at the right time:


I am up about 1,000% (10x) so far, and they have a lot of things in the pipeline. They do an augmented reality game (similar to Pokémon Go) and are working on some gaming and use cases for the coin.

I really didn’t do much research before I got in, so I have been very surprised.... Could be the sort of coin that does 10,000% or more for me... crazy to think about!

The other speculative coin I invested in on that same day, GENS, hasn’t run yet, but is looks ready to go. I bought at $0.065 and it is currently $0.084 so a 30% return in two months isn’t bad, but I think this one could be $0.50+ during the next altcoin run.

Thanks for coming by,

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Throwing a few darts at some of the small caps?

Yes, and seems to be working!

Nice, I have a couple on the radar as well, keep it up!

Apakah harga steemit akan naik lagi di tahun baru ini ? @brian.rrr terimakasih 👋

Hi there my friend!

It's really on the rise, good investment, it would be great if it increases 10,000%, give it time to see what happens. There is a saying that he who does not risk does not win. Congratulations.

Agreed, that would be awesome!