Protect Your Energy

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Once you grasp that everything that is, was and will ever be is energy, and that all is as a quantum fizzing soup flowing through, around, up and down - you start to understand the importance of protecting yourself against lower vibrational situations, and beings.

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The world is on the brink of great change and the longterm prognosis for humanity ain't all that rosy, but this does not mean that a person should fall into despair. For, by allowing ourselves to become sad, apathetic and lethargic we give the darker energies of evil and chaos dominion over us.

This life, we now share, is but one of many on a conveyor belt of life, death, rest and rebirth - and I find it helpful to view it as little more than a game.

Once viewed thus it becomes easier to play by ones own rules regardless of peer pressure, judgements, mandates and laws which do not serve the individual.

You see, no man or institutionalized quango - governmental or corporate, has the right to impose their unjust will, rules, upon any morally upright individual. Especially if, by so doing, they infringe upon that person's ability to play the game of life fairly.

Simply - there is no point wasting energy playing a game that is rigged for the failure of the masses. Nor is it sensible to continue trying to convince fools of truths beyond their comprehension.

Far better then to change the game, rip up the rule book and, having left those of a magnolia persuasion playing blind man's bluff, go rogue!

Image - 'Disconnected' Linda Dacey-Laforge 2021

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