What Happen If Corona Virus Crisis Turns Out To Be As Common As Seasonal Flu and Common Colds?

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My thoughts to answer that question is to give three possible scenarios we are all heading if that case will happen.


Scenario 1

Most government will continue to implement lockdown and strictly enforce stay at home policy until a vaccine or a magic pill will be develop.

  • This is what happening today, without a clear and definite cure to this problem, lockdown will continue and lose in life's quality will be very huge. A new norms will develop. Food will be enough for all the population through self production and reliefs from the government. There's no end to this, vaccines and pills become obsolete as the virus mutate. Drastic changes in people's lifestyle, habits and attitudes. Less patients and deaths stays within its current mortality rate.


Scenario 2

There will be a modified lockdown from places to places. Economy turns on and off from time to time.

  • This is the scenario where most countries is planning now. Opening up and then locking it down again when virus emerge will be chaotic and discriminating especially in free countries where local or federal governments can impose its own policies. Businesses are not design with a switch button that the government can easily turn on and off immediately at any given time. Possible protests and mass disobedience. Lifestyle and habits of people already changed. More infected, but mortality rate stays at current level. Herd immunity catching up.


Scenario 3

No more lockdown and restrictions. Everybody is back to business as usual.

  • This scenario will be unlikely as of now because of the fear that the government, doctors and media created for the people. Very few will questions what really is going on when their government can easily silence the few in the name of safety of its people. Economy and businesses back running again but the damaged is already huge because people already changed. Non- essential businesses will struggle at first. People are become more health conscious. Possible millions infected means more deaths but mortality stays at current level. Herd immunity can catch up. Antibodies developed for majority of people. Lifestyle changed, more focus on essentials. Social distancing and face masking become norm. Everything goes online. Start of Web 3.0. Vaccine developed but with little help, virus just mutate itself ready to strike again. Governments will become well prepared.

These are all just opinions and speculation base on personal beliefs.

Stay safe and don't let FUD conquer our lives.

All photos are my inspiration for this post. Well, it is just the heavy rain....


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