Covid19 Update Philippines

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The country is on a "lockdown" or as the government called it "enhance community quarantine". As per the announcement, this will be a month long and with exceptions.


Based on a memo from the Palace,”enhanced community quarantine” means all households must be in home quarantine, transportation is suspended, provision for food and health services are regulated, and the “heightened presence” of uniformed personnel to enforce quarantine procedures will be implemented.

Businesses are closed and workers are staying at their home now. Without a public transport, people are force to just go home and stay. Around 55% of the population are using mass transportation. Private vehicles are allowed to only have one person on it, yes! only the driver!

No schools, sports, religion's activities or anything that requires people gathering for now.


Most of the cities, provinces and municipalities are announcing of closing their borders to limit people's movement.

The Covid19 case jump to 140 as of now with 12 deaths and 3 recovered.

Mostly affected are people with a "no pay, no work" setup and informal businesses mostly vendors.

This measures maybe too much but it always better to be safe than sorry.

Looks like Filipinos are no complaining this time.

Stay safe!

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