No school for Luna because someone in her class has covid!

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Such is the absurdity of the world we live in today that Luna cannot go to her nursery school because one of the children in her class has the flu. In flu season. Because that's what we are really talking about here isn't it. With its extremely low death rate covid is no different to the common flu (which also kills a very small percentage of the elderly population each year) and I think I am right in saying that not one single child in the entire world has died from covid, which kinda highlights the ridiculousness of making children miss school because of it!


In Luna's case they said she could return to school after receiving a PCR test with a negative result.


Okay then... let me just run out and poke some shit up her nose to have a little scratch at her blood brain barrier because someone told me I had to. Errr, no thanks. Aside from the obvious absurdity of touching this extremely delicate area to find out if the entire body is infected with a virus, PCR tests can be pre-programmed to give more false positives by upping the cycle rate whenever governments feel like increasing case numbers in order to impose more rules. Macron is giving a speech this week and he will need high case numbers to go with his scary words. So, by following the suggestion of the school I am therefore risking the strong chance of a positive result and with it a forced quarantine period of two weeks. Only to go through the process again and again until we achieve the negative result. All the while feeding the system with negative energy and false numbers which are being used to twist the perceptions of the innocent & naive.


After some opposition to this idea from parents (who are apparently more awake than I realise) I am very happy to announce that they also gave us the option to simply take our children out of school for a few weeks.

And I think you can guess which option we took ;)

These shots are from Friday afternoon last week while her brother was at school.

Here she is blowing you a kiss!


Love & Light everyone 🌱

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Sweet, sweet Luna!
Really, it is all much too ridiculous and here in my state in the U.S. all students must wear a mask all day long as well :(
I am glad you won't be subjecting her to the PCR tests.

It's the same here, so really I don't feel bad at all about having her at home :)

Sending hugs!