Application For Country Representative Of Pakistan by @allahnawaz03

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I am going to apply for the position of Country Representative of Pakistan. I consider that my profile is a good fit for this position and I will justify my candidacy based on the following possibilities and skills, which are prerequisites for this position.

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Introduction to Me

My name is Allah Nawaz. I was born on March 27, 2003 "@allahnawaz03". I am 19 year old. I am a systems analyst by profession, the student of FSc Pre-Medical "Part-2". I am an immigrant in Pakistan. and I plan to stay in this wonderful country that has welcomed me and given me great opportunities. I am currently working in a beautiful town in the interior of the Province of Punjab "Chorasta Mian Khan". It is an Agricultural sector area.

My Account Statistics

I started on the Steemit platform on April, 2021, more than 1 years ago. At first, I dedicated myself to knowing, exploring and contributing my knowledge in the areas that I perform best. I started with my daily routine work and sharing gardening because I love to garden, sharing places in my country.

  • Being active on the blockchain for more than 3 months. Also, I've been more active since the inception Steemit-Garden Community last year.
  • I am currently joining the #club75 , which has allowed me to speed up my pace.
  • I currently hold 3522.235 Steem Power plus with about 200.604 SP delegated to Steem Bangladesh and 2,010.427 SP delegated to Steemit-Garden of which I recently assumed the role of a Mod - Moderator.
  • At least own 1,325.654 SP
  • From my steemworld dashboard, my reputation is 66.162 Screenshot below.
  • Voting CSI: 9.1 ( 1.56 % self, 67 upvotes, 55 accounts, last 7d )


  • My mother language is Urdu but I used most English, Russian, Bengali.

I am active member in these communities as;

1. Steemit-Garden
Although I am currently working as a moderator in the Steamit-Garden community and trying my best to attract more people to the community, I am directing new people to the Steamit platform and since I joined the community as a moderator, the community is growing rapidly. In order to increase the participation of people in the community.
2. Steem Bangladesh
@steemit-bd has supported me very much and give me guidance time to time whenever I needed and I am thankful to the CRs of Bangladesh @toufiq777 for their help and guidance, now I am an active member and delegator in @steemit-bd and post there regularly and participate in all the contests they organized.
3. Steemit CryptoAcademy
Being an active user on Steemit, I am a part of Steemit Crypto Academy. Steemit Crypto Academy is the community where you can learn more about Steem and related crypto blockchains. I review all the Steemit Crypto Academy conferences and I always do at least 3-4 comments a week.
4. Newcomers' Community
I joined Steemit. I have helped many newcomers to create quality posts from time to time and how they can create good posts according to the rules of Steemit.
Some of my comments guide newcomers.
Here it is my Discord: allahnawaz03#7360

Why could I be a good representative in my country?

Because I am committed day by day to the development and growth of Pakistan boys since I really am very interested in supporting the boys and they know it and feel it. Also because I am responsible, loving, skillful, and after one years at Steemit I think I am ready to meet all the objectives as representatives.

I sincerely want to be able to contribute my sand grains and support other representatives of my country, for whose great work I am proud. I want to join the blockchain of all Pakistani boys and the best social networks in the world so that they can change their lives as they change me.

I thank all the boys who motivated me with their good wishes to make this application. Thank you for your support and for being active within the platform and for sharing your quality content with our beloved community. Thank you boys for the support I love you infinitely ...

I promise to work like this with dedication and integrity on Steemit in the future as well. If I get chosen as the Country Representative Pakistan, I'll continue to work with the same commitment.

Another important thing is to burn steems to make the steem stable in the market, so we should set the 25% beneficiary to the @null account. we should support all by using this tag #burnsteem25.


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best of luck dear, you are performed very well

Thank you 💕 sir for your lovely response 😘

Best of luck brother.

Thank you 💕☺️

Bets of luck allahnawaz

Thank you very much sweet sister 💗

Hopefully chosen to be a CR in Pakistan :)

Thank sir 😊

Good luck!

Thank you sister 😙

Best of luck brother

Thank you ❤️

Best of luck

Thank you sister 💕

Good luck being one of the CR for Pakistan

Thank you sir 😗

Muchos éxitos amigo @allahnawaz03.
Pakistán con muchos usuarios y una necesidad de tener varios representantes de país que sean jóvenes y dedicados como tú.

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Thank you 😊

Good luck, @allahnawaz03

Thank you very much ❤️

Greetings my friend... you are a young man who has a lot to offer to the platform, I wish you much success in your application.

Thank you 💕

Good luck to you.

Thank you 😊💖

Best of luck, you have experience of this job and you did great work for our country as CR, so you are most suitable person

Thank you 😘

Nice application. I've learnt a lot about you from this post

Wish you all the best. I'm sure you'll do a great job

Thank you 💕☺️

You're welcome

Best of luck 🤞. You are doing great as country representative. Best wishes for you.

Thank you very much ❣️

Wish you good luck 🤞🤞 dear.
L applicants from Pakistan are too good and hard working.all the very best dear 😘😘

Thank you 😊

Good to see you apply. You should definitely get the role, we are used to seeing you lead and you are incredible at your job.

Thank you ☺️

No doubt you were already doing alot in the blog and so handling this role wouldnt be a problem to you. You have the qualities and what it takes to serve..., so i'll say, Congratulations and Success 💪

Thank you for loving response ☺️

I support! You always help so many people, let everything turn out well!

Thanks brother ☺️

Good luck bro!

Thank you 😊

Hello dear friend, you are a great person and of course an excellent steemit user. You would do an excellent job as a CR. You have many skills and you are able to bring many new things to steemit. I hope they give you the opportunity, greetings and success.

Thank you 💕

Hello dear, I am really excited to see your post. I think you are the best for this position. Many, many good wishes for you.

Thank you 💕

Good luck for your application my dear friend @allahnawaz03❣️☺️

Thank you very much my sweet friend ☺️

Best of luck brother🤞

Thank you very much 💞

Best of luck dear friend you are best for our country representative from Pakistan.

Thanks lot ❤️

Best of luck dear friend you are best for our country representative from Pakistan.


Your application is very strong. You are a good, cooperative and hardworking person I assure that you will be best Country Representative if you selected. You also doing a great job in the Steemit-Garden and support many people.
Am waiting to see you as a country representative so please keep it up.
My best wishes are always with you.

Thank you very much 💖

Best of luck for this Application. My pray is with you.

Thank you 💝

Best wishes Dear bro 😊.


Best of luck brother! I hope due to ur efforts in steemit @steemblog will select you as Cr of Pakistan

Thank you 💞

My best wishes are with you my brother 💓
I hope to see you soon at that post. Inn sha Allah

Thank you ☺️

I wish you good look brother I hope you win this

Thank you so much 💗

I support you to become one of CR Pakistan. Hopefully you can develop steem and steemian here

Thank you so much 💖


I hope you will be our Representator and I think you suit for Pakistan.

Because I am committed day by day to the development and growth of Pakistan boys since I really am very interested in supporting the boys and they know it and feel it.

Yes, I also feel this because when ever i put my Achievement I see your appreciating comment and Breif guidance for what to do next.

Best of Luck 🤞

Thank you 💗

Good luck dear brother. You are already doing great

Thank you so much sister 💖

Best of luck dear friend, You are the best candidate to represent Pakistan.

Thank you 💕

Pakistan is proud of you bro.
Grab the opportunity and make them more recognizable on the platform.
Good luck.

Thank you very much 😘

I have seen your work skills. I think you have the ability to be a country representative of Pakistan. Good luck to you.

Thank you 💕

Ma Sha Allah Brothers. This is Amazing That I thought. Good Job. May you Success, Ameen.
Best Wishes, Jezak Allah.
Pakistan Zinda Abad .


Thank you 💕 sweet brother 😚

Good luck
You also have a strong application
Hope they consider your for the post of cr
Greetings and blessings

Thank you very much 💓

You are welcome

Best of luck

Thank you very much 💖