Steemit Country Representatives - New Appointments

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Thank you to everyone who took the time to apply to become a Country Representative.

There was an amazing response with over 70 applications.

This was a great confirmation of the growth and vibrancy among our Steem Community - so many people are so keen to help to take the platform forward.

We have now looked at all the candidates carefully and have selected those we would like to appoint as Country Representatives.

The New Country Representatives

Out of the total 73 applications we have chosen 18 people who we would like to invite to become Representatives for their respective countries…

Please would each of these confirm their acceptance of the role of Country Representative in a comment below.

Once confirmation has been received we will begin sending out the 5000 SP delegations that each Country Rep receives.

With the large number of very good applicants this time there were many difficult choices and close calls. For those who didn’t make it we suggest you revisit the requirements and criteria to see how you can increase your chances if you apply again in the future.

The factors we were particularly looking at in our selection process were activity on the platform and within the community, dedication to Steem rather than other blockchains, voting behavior and wallet history.

As Steem is growing at such a rapid pace we plan to hold another recruitment round in the coming months.

We are particularly on the look-out for more Country Reps from the Philippines, Indonesia, India, South Africa, North America, Western Europe and Australia.

If you are in any of those countries/regions start ‘building your portfolio’ on Steem and make yourself visible in the community. We will keep the option open to make ad-hoc appointments if we spot exceptional candidates.

Guidelines for Country Representatives

With the new appointments there will be nearly 60 Representatives in total.

We are keen to work with all the Country Reps to help better define and develop their roles to optimize their effectiveness on Steem.

As part of this process we have drawn up some guidelines for Country Representatives. We welcome feedback on these points…

  • The main role of Country Reps is to support and guide Steemians, both new and old, in their country.

  • Particular attention should be given to newly arrived Steemians, and CRs should strongly encourage them to join the Newcomers Community and to complete all the Achievement Tasks.

  • As part of this support Reps should look to visit the blog of every Steemian at least once a week to give encouragement and look out for any problems. With the larger countries with multiple Reps this work should be divided between them.

  • Country Reps should work with existing Country Communities where they already exist, or look to set one up where they do not already exist.

  • Where there is more than one Country Rep in a country it is imperative that they all work together for the good of Steem in their country.

  • Reps are encouraged to write weekly Reports of their activities and progress in their countries. Lists of posts curated are not required. The reports should rather include developments and progress in building Steem in their country, and any issues arising. These reports should be posted in the SteemPOD community where they will be voted by @steemcurator01 according to quality, activity and achievement.

  • Reps should not power down. They should also try to set an example to their communities and power up as much as possible of the liquid STEEM and SBDs that they earn. Excessive and continual selling of earnings will be viewed in a negative light.

  • Ideally Reps should not self-vote. If they do it should definitely not be more than 10%.

  • Reps should ideally use the majority of their voting power on members of their community.

  • Reps are free to delegate their own Steem Power to communities they support, but delegating to vote buying services is viewed negatively.

We are keen for Country Representatives to act as role models for all Steemians in their country - not powering down, powering up as much as possible, manually curating, and engaging with others in their community through regular commenting.

Although a secondary role, it will also be good if Country Representatives look out for opportunities to recruit and onboard new people in their country.

Country Representatives Review

We consider the Country Representatives to be a key part of the future development of Steem and its community.

Over the next three months we will be monitoring and reviewing the Country Rep system to see how well it is working and how it might be improved.

As part of this process we will be looking at how all the Country Reps are performing and following the guidelines.

Hopefully all Reps will be able to meet these standards and practices, but we may have to consider replacements for any they can’t.

We look forward to working with all the new Country Representatives.

And we look forward to recruiting more in the near future.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

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It's a great pleasure to be one of the CR s for Sri Lanka and I agree to accept my new responsibilities. Special thanks to the steemit team and Sri Lankan members for having faith in me. And hope to give my full contribution to the betterment of steem sri lanka and the entire ecosystem by setting a perfect example. I will do my best with @randulakoralge and all the other country reps.

Congratulations in advance to all the newly appointed country reps!!

Best Regards!!

Dear @steemitblog,

I would like to announce my acceptance of the post of Country Representative of Bangladesh. Thanks a lot for keeping faith in me. I will try my best for the growth of this platform and its communities.

Best Regards!!!

Wow. Really looking forward to what comes from this community. Steem on!

Congratulations Brother!


more grace to ur elbow as you represent your community

  ·  last year (edited)

I acceptance of the role of Country Representative
Thank you to the Steemit team for giving me the opportunity to become a country representative of Indonesia, I will make the best use of this opportunity for the development of Steem in the future.

Best regard


Steem is lucky to have you!


  ·  last year (edited)

selamat dan sukses

I first thank The steemit Team,To give me the opportunity to work as a representative of bangladesh.I am always ready to work for my new responsibilities. And I am interested in working with all the representatives of my country to develop steemit.

And congratulations to the new representatives of all countries. We will be stronger.


Congratulations Brother, we hope you will move forward with new users and old users and always help us with any problem. Many good wishes for you.

Warm greetings..!!

It's really an honour for me to be the country representative of Pakistan.
I accept the role of CR
I'll do my best to fulfill this responsibility.
Thank you.


I accept this role. This is an honor for me as a Pakistani. And I thank all my steemit family and steemit team who have given me so much love and trust. i love steemit. I'm very happy 💕❤💕❤


Acepto ser representante de mi país Venezuela 🇻🇪
Muy agradecida con el equipo de Steemit por el apoyo y la confianza que me están brindando para representar a mi país.✨
Gracias a todos lo Steemians que me han apoyado ❤️ Dios les bendiga!

Felicidades para @rypo01, @saracampero y todos los nuevos representantes de país🎉

felicidades bella! harán un gran trabajo para Venezuela unidas al equipo actual. Muchas bendiciones para ti

Gracias amiga, muchas felicidades para ti también, juntas somos más fuertes, espero que hagamos un gran equipo 💝

Así es cuenta con todo mí apoyo. A Dios sea la Gloria

Felicidades @miyexi, mucho éxito para ti!

Cuenta con mi apoyo :D

Gracias amiga, muy apreciado tu apoyo ❤️

@miyexi Felicidades amiga, tu logro es nuestro logro, tu trabajo no es envano y están dando resultados, me siento feliz

Gracias amiga, también estoy feliz ✨

Felicidades y bienvenida....


Muchas gracias ✨

Muchas gracias, Felicitaciones :) que los éxitos y las bendiciones te persigan.

Gracias amiga, juntas seremos un buen equipo al lado de los representantes actuales ✨ felicidades para ti!

Felicidades ☺️mi querida amiga @miyexi, bien merecido lo tienes,se que harás un gran trabajo,tu ímpetu,constancia,servicio. Y disciplina te permitirá lograr grandes cosas.
Dios te bendiga 🙌🏻

Muchas gracias amiga ✨ Amen a tus bendiciones!

Que maravilla @miyexi, eres una mujer trabajadora, constante y que conoce muy bien la plataforma, por lo que estoy segura que harás un excelente trabajo. 🥰🥰🥰

Un fuerte abrazo.

Gracias por tu apoyo amiga, te envió un abrazo!

It's a privilege for me to be chosen as Country Representative for Cameroon and I want to thank the Steemit Team and Cameroonian steemians for giving me this opportunity to serve. The future is steem and steem is the future and together with @njiatanga and @saxopedia, we will steem-up Cameroon.

@cryptokannon, i am readily available to serve with the Steem Greeters Team Project.

Congratulations to all the Country Representatives and I look forward to serving with you all.


  ·  last year (edited)

I agree to be the representative of the country.
I hope we will try to be a role for all. we will do the best and fair for all.

Wow congrats ☺️ steem womans club ❤️

thank you so much :)

Pak-Turk ❤️

Excelente @svm038 estoy muy feliz por ti, seguirás haciendo un gran trabajo


  ·  last year (edited)

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to serve my country members. I accept this role with my heart. I will try my best to follow the guidelines and devote myself to make Steemit a better place for all of us.

Discord ID- Abu Ahmad#5992


Thank you!

hello steemit team. Thank you very much for taking me into account for this responsibility, of course I want to fulfill all my duties from now on. I am eager to see how the work is divided in the country community. I come to. support and give my best. I will continue to support and guide all Venezuelan women, encouraging them to grow within steemit. I'm really happy it's the first thing I'm seeing in the morning after a long night of work. Thank you very much for trusting me. And of course I accept. I want to congratulate my new colleagues @ rypo0 and @miyexi, I know they will achieve it and I am happy because they are doing a nice job. I also want to congratulate my best friend within steemit @ sevim038 and my counterpart @ngoenyi, they are both people of admiration for me and I am very happy for them. I also want to congratulate my friends and teammates @nahela and @graceleon, thank you for making an effort and I hope that my advice has been very useful. I'm really happy although nervous. but I accept.

Very well said!

Thanks friend ...

Congratulations dear. Thank you for your goodwill massage. We are in this together. We will work hard to discharge our duties

Bienvenida @saracampero

Felicidades @saracampero, te deseo mucho éxito. Cuenta con mi apoyo :D

Querida @saracampero felicitaciones, sin duda alguna te lo merecías, te deseo todo el éxito posible en esta nueva etapa. saludos

Felicidades amiga ❤️

Hola amiga como estas, felicitaciones por ese maravilloso logro, te deseo muchas bendiciones

Felicitaciones por ese maravilloso logro

It is an absolute pleasure and a great privilege to be awarded this honor to serve as a representative for the Ghanaian community, I accept the role and promise to abide by all guidelines as stipulated in the above post. I look forward to helping steem-ghana grow as I work together with the existing reps @njaywan and @oppongk. Thank you once again

We are very happy you’ve been appointed as a country representive of our ghanaian community brother 🤗.

I am really looking forward to working with you and developing our community as a whole.

Thank you brother


Blessed day to all, @steemitblog I accept with great joy and enthusiasm to be a representative for Colombia. I hope and wish to fulfill this role to the best of my ability.


Thank you so much @steemitblog for appointing me as the UK's first Country Representative.

I will be delighted to take on this role and this challenge.

I agree to follow all the guidelines stated in the post.

Felicitaciones Sr. @pennsif me alegra que así sea Sr.


Thank you - and congratulations to you too.

Congrats and welcome to the club all of you newly appointed Country Reps 😄 if any of you want to work with Steem Greeters Team Project, let me know 😊

Thank you for the opportunity, I believe working with the steem greeters community would help us in guiding newbies especially those that fall within our country jurisdictions too which goes in line with the stipulated guidelines as given by steemitblog, I’d thus love to work with the steem greeters community

see you at steem greeters team discord 😊


You would have to add me though or get me the link to join

@cryptokannon first thank for providing us this great opportunity ..and i am ready to work with steem greeters team project it will be honour for my self.❤

nice! we waiting for you at the discord 😊

Muchas felicidades profesor @yousafharoonkhan, me alegro mucho por usted.

Thank you 😄
I really want to work with Steem greeters team project. It would be an honour

nice, we will have briefing on the task at discord

@cryptokannon am interested to join steem greeters project.

@vvarishayy Congratulations🎉🎊

For you all Country Reps that want to work with Steem Greeters Team Project, please join us here Steem Greeters Team discord for a briefing of the tasks and etc.

Me encantaría trabajar en Steem Greeters Team Project para fortalecer a la comunidad y apoyar este gran trabajo que vienes haciendo

Already joined the server, waiting to work with the Steem Greeters team!

Thank you so much ma'am, I will be glad to work with you. @cryptokannon


Thank you my friend

Hi @cryptokannon

Thanks for this opportunity..😊

I am interested in working on the steem Greeters Team Project.

Congratulations @sm-shagor vai for this achievement.

Thank you..

Thanks for the opportunity @cryptokannon, I am delighted with the invitation to be part of the Steam Greeters team and help Steemit newcomers 🤗

Bienvenida amiga @miyexi

Muchas gracias por la bienvenida 🤩

Mi buenA humilde y Siempre dedicada amiga infinitas bendiciones para ti te deseolo mejor u esta noticia upp si que me alegra, felicidades a todos

Gracias amiga, estoy muy feliz y espero hacer un buen trabajo. 🥰

De nada, lo harás amiga ya veras tienes todo el potencial y los besos de tus niños que te recargaran las energías.

Encomiendate a Dios el sera la luz de tu camino.

Felicidades querida amiga besos y abrazos!!

Gracias amiga, por tu apoyo, abrazos y bendiciones!

Querida amiga felicitaciones, te deseo mucho éxito

Muchas gracias amigo ✨

Muchas felicidades amiga te lo mereces.

Gracias amiga ✨

Felicidades amiga @miyexi desde que te postulastes vi un buen potencial en ti. Sabia que lo ibas a lograr.
Muchas felicitaciones 👏

Mucha gracias ✨

Felicidades!!! Muchas bendiciones que sea un camino de éxitos y aprendizajes enriquecedores.

Muchas gracias por el apoyo las bendiciones ✨

Me encanta, que buen trabajo vas a realizar, te felicito bienvenida amiga @miyexi

Gracias por su apoyo mi apreciada amiga, espero hacer un buen trabajo y dar lo mejor de mi✨

hello @cryptokannon
where i can find the list of all CR ?

@arie.steem I have listed out them here on this post but not including this new batch that Steemit team just announced

thank you....

Greetings @cryptokannon, I would love to join. thanks for the proposal.

I'm willing to work with a steem greeter

Already joined the server!! Looking forward to work with the team...

Excelente proyecto... Me encantaría sumarme, ya estaré por Discord.

How to...?

  ·  last year Reveal Comment

Felicidades Saracampero

The most awaited news. 😃 Congratulations all-new CRs.. I wish all you will do your best for your communities.

That's a great pleasure SL got a good new country representative. @damithudaya , congratulations and let's start work .. I am so happy about this selection.

Thank you very much, friend!! It's been a great pleasure to work with you!!

Many many congratulations


On becoming Country representatives,
However some of the guidelines revised our responsibilities which was getting neglected. but from now on I would be focusing over them :)

I wish to see you both with me :)

Thank you hassanabid

Thank you❤ very much


This is happy news for me, I congratulate @heriadi from Indonesia and my friend @pennsif from the UK, I wish you success

@steemitblog I have respect for your decision. But can I know what is the problem with me?

It will be helpful if you get people who may support your application to add their comments on your link comment below or on your application post to demonstrate support among the community.

Support for your application from any existing Country Reps (or other Community Leaders) will be particularly helpful.

  • I have 3 country representatives support. 80+ users supported me.

  • I am really active in this platform. 1900+ post.

  • Is Steem power matter? I have 2300+ sp.

  • Is comment matter? I am daily commenting other members post. At least 20 comments daily. I hope you have checked others.

  • Daily welcoming Newcomers

I am ahead in all these points. I think there is a valid reason why I didn't get selected as a Cr. It will be helpful for me if I get reply.

We had many applications from Bangladesh, and we could not recruit everyone at this time.

There will be more appointments in the future so keep working hard.

I will not stop working until I get succeed. Thanks for letting me know.

I see your hard work, you will be successful in the future even if you are not selected as CR, and I hope the Steemit team will choose you in the next opportunity.

I also agree with you. I hope you will get your answer very soon.

  ·  last year (edited)

I have 3 country representatives support. 80+ users supported me.

I am really active in this platform. 1900+ post.

Is Steem power matter? I have 2300+ sp.

I agree with you. I think you deserve to be Cr. ৷ But your luck is bad. Try maybe in the future you can be Cr.

Kono rokom ovijog charai apni comunitity theke mute kore dichen amare. Eta ki cr er boisisto? Cr Der kaj to vuler somadhan kora. Apni ki seta korechen Amar sathe?
Amino hoyto cr hote partam kintu country comunitity theke mute kore deouyar karone hote parlam na. ASHA korchi sothik kaj korben apni.
Thank you sir, take care 👍

Obosshoi thik ace, apni community durnam korben, ar ami apnake mute korbo na

I agree with the points you have mentioned. This is a real bad luck for you.

I will support you on new cR in bangladesh

You are trying hard to make our community better than ever. It's a bad luck. Hope everything will be solved in the near future.

All your work tells that you deserve to be CR but bad luck. I wish you all the best.. Brothar

I agree with you because you actually do a great job for our community steem Bangladesh. Hopefully @steemitblog will answer you and give you the title of a good Cr.

I also agree with you.

I agree.. You deserve this position.

I agree..

I agree with you.
You deserve it.

I will support u. I believe you had the ability to be a cR but bad luck. don't worry. you will get something better in future

I think the steemit team made the right decision.The steemit team is definitely looking into all your activities.If you were right you would be chosen.

The decision of the steemit team is correct.

Thank you.

I agree with you 😇


Congratulations to the country representatives who have announced today. Especially to my friend @pennsif who is the UK representative and @heriadi who is the representative of Indonesia. We are proud of you, hopefully by being representatives of your country all of you will have a positive influence on the steemit platform.


Hello, @steemblog, @steemcurator01 and dear Steemit Team. We are writing this letter to you on behalf of the Steemit Azerbaijan Community. For the past month, we have been introducing people to the Steemit Platform in our country, educating them about the platform, and even setting up the Steemit Azerbaijan Community to bring them together. So, although the Steemit Azerbaijan Community has been established in less than a month, it already has about 60 active, well-educated, high-quality content-sharing users and even social media channels such as Facebook and Telegram.

There are currently 60 active members in Steemit Azerbaijan Community, and if consider our country's potential it can grow to huge numbers. But the only obstacle we face is that people want incentives, they want to be rewarded. To some extent, we support Azerbaijani users who join our community by investing in voting bots. But as the subscription grows, our work gets harder.

That's truly why now we're writing to you. We ask you to support us by appointing a representative to Azerbaijan. We hope you will understand and consider our situation, it is really necessary to further expand our community and keep it together

Steemit Azərbaycan 3.png


Steemit Azerbaijan Community
Facebook səhifəsi
Steemit Azerbaijan Community
Telegram group
Steemit Azerbaijan Community
Discord kanalı
Azerbaijan Steemit

Hello @steemblog and steemit team. I have been here for more than 3 years and I love this platform. At the moment, my main goal is to inform everyone, especially the Steemit Azerbaijani community, about veganism and show people new tastes by sharing some recipes. We need your support.

bizim topluluğa dəstək versəniz çox sevinərik.

We will be glad if you support our community.

  ·  last year (edited)

Hello, dear @steemblog and Steemit Team. I'm a content writer and marketolog from Azerbaijan. I have been using the Steemit platform for the last three years.

Nowadays I have started to promote the Steemit platform among the content producers in Azerbaijan. I have also been sharing helpful guidelines about the Steemit in Azerbaijani.

Hope You Will Hear Our Community's Voice!

Sehr geehrte Steemit-Team. Wir schreiben Ihnen diesen Brief im Namen der Steemit Aserbaidschan Community. Im vergangenen Monat haben wir Menschen in unserem Land mit der Steemit-Plattform bekannt gemacht. Außerdem ie über die haben wir die Steemit-Aserbaidschan-Gemeinschaft gegründet, um die Leute zusammenzubringen. Wir haben bereits etwa 60 aktive, gut ausgebildete und qualitativ hochwertige Benutzer, die Inhalte in Social-Media-Kanäle wie Facebook und Telegramm teilen.
Wenn wir das Potenzial unseres Landes berücksichtigen, kann es zu einer großen Zahl werden. Das einzige Hindernis, dem wir gegenüberstehen, ist, dass die Menschen belohnt werden wollen. Bis zu einem gewissen Umfang unterstützen wir aserbaidschanische Benutzer, die sich unserer Community anschließen, indem wir in Abstimmungsbots investieren. Mit zunehmendem Abonnement wird unsere Arbeit jedoch schwieriger.
Deshalb bitten wirbSie, uns durch die Ernennung eines Vertreters in Aserbaidschan zu unterstützen. Wir hoffen, dass Sie unsere Situation verstehen und berücksichtigen. Es ist wirklich notwendig, unsere Community weiter auszubauen und zusammenzuhalten.

I hope that Steemit world Support Teams will support our community.


Bizde steemitde böyük naliyetler gözlüyürük ve bunu bacaracayığ