Aggiornamento dalla zona 3 #COVID19 #Italia

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Hanno appena comunicato che hanno dato un giro di vite alla circolazione delle persone, tra l'altro volevo pure dire che due impiegati della posta di #Bergamo sono morti.. quindi non uccide/colpisce solo gli anziani, per i prossimi spostamenti dovete portare questa nuova autocertificazione. Fonte #ANSA #ADnKronos

English, hope is understandable

in #Bergamo two employees of the post died, had worked until two days before, #stayhome do not move your ass... be lazy, also because nobody knows how the virus will react to the coming summer, we have to wait patiently for suggestions that governments and authorities will give as they become aware of new information, this is a battle that none of us has ever fought. Let's wait a couple of weeks at home and do not risk your life or the life of your family.

I'm in red-zone number 3 in Lombardia, and believe me if i say that i never ever ever seen #Milan so empty. It is completely unreal.

In the hospitals of Milan, there are so many deaths that corpses cannot be buried, and therefore they have been piled up in cellars and refrigerators, nurses, doctors are exhausted. It is not recommended to go near the hospitals to avoid further infections.All emergencies are possible only by telephone, and in case of suspected infection they send ambulances to transport the patient to the nearest hospital.

In Italy the restrictions are as follow

  • Self-certification obligation, and soon maybe the result of the swabs
  • absolute prohibition on gatherings
  • it is recommended to always use latex gloves during shopping
  • you should wash hands and face and possibly take a shower and wash your clothes
  • All public businesses are closed except for basic goods and services
  • Also public transport are minimized, and now Sicily and Sardinia have closed all connections with the Italian mainland
  • Perhaps the quarantine will last even after April 3, but no official statement has been made so far.

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