Coronavirus- COVID19 Is Closer to Becoming a World Pandemic

in coronavirus •  2 years ago 

Coronavirus is closer to becoming a world pandemic, the CDC announces that the window to control the outbreak is closing fast.

The Coronavirus is spreading fast with a new hot zone, Korea. The virus is hard to detect with a 14-21 day incubation period and can spread rapidly throughout the population quickly when symptoms don't show themselves until that period is over and during that time your body is acting as a host spreading to victims unknowingly.

The pandemic of 1918 should raise your eyebrows when you compare it with today's world population. H1N1 -1918 killed an estimated 50 million people worldwide, this was one-third of the world's population. If you do the math of today's possible pandemic we could see a death toll in the Billions and possibly see a worldwide financial meltdown because of it.

As some cities in Italy, Spain and in Japan are being told to stay home, the virus spreads further amongst family members and possibly mutating. In reality, there are probably millions of infected worldwide already.

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Can you take Vitamin C?

I would do anything to boost your immune system, Zinc, VitC, VitD, and Echinacea. It mainly affects the young and old but if your immune system is weak you could fall victim.

Agreed. Gotta make it strong. Also, specifically, Vitamin D3.