Thoughts about the current Corona Virus pandemic

in corona •  2 years ago 

The current "covid-19" has a lower mortality rate than some types of influenza.
I do not recall such a manufactured and world wide enforced hysteria in influenza outbreaks in the past.
Instead of quarantining the risk groups, entire cities and countries are quarantined.

"Que bono?"
whomever has the money to buy the bankrupt and otherwise lively businesses.
To what extent will they be the current donors/sponsors of world's "democratically elected" ruling parties?

How many governments/elected officials should be expected to claim "I/we were wrong" in the future?

The virus itself is real.
I was infected myself at least twice.
The risk is intentionally exaggerated.
No similar response to past pandemics in the past,
aside from China, which perhaps should be viewed as the model for the new 1984 world order.
An example of what should be expected.

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