Contest # 001 - Win One Month SI Share - Get SI Token

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Introdution ( What is SI Share? )

Steem Income is a Service like one time payment for life time upvote in which any steemian who purchase our Tokens Steem Income Token (SIT) and sponsor someone will get daily upvote from @steemincome on their latest posts. Both Members (Who Purchased the Share and sponsored person) will get same Ratio benefits from the Share.

At the Initial Stage of @Steemincome
25 SIT (Steem Income Token) Equal to 1 Share

1 Share equal to Daily $0.001 Worth Upvote and Weekly $0.007 Worth Upvote


Which Means 6 Days a Week you and your sponsor will get $0.001 Worth Upvote from @steemincome on their latest Post and 7th day you and your Sponsor will get $0.007 worth Upvote from @steemincome on their Latest Post.

Today's SIT Price is 0.100 Steem and Soon it will rise up. Its the perfect time to Buy SIT (Steem Income Token).


Contest - Win One SI Share for One Month and One SIT (Steem Income Token)

Its our first weekly contest in which we're givenaway one SI Share for one Month. This week we're little late because of some reason otherwise weekly contest will be held on every Monday and the reward of this weekly contest is one SI Share for one Month and a SIT (Steem Income Token).

How to Join Contest?

Joining Rules are pretty Simple:

  1. You Must be a Follower of @steemincome.

  2. Comment Below this Post and Mention atleast three new users here.

  3. Upvote this Post.

Anyone can join us We'll Choose the Winner through Steem Comment Picker. The Winner will get the Reward of one SI Share for one Month and One SI Token and Other Participants will get 0.5 SI Token as Appreciation.

Winners of our Yesterday's contest:

The Winners of our Yesterday's Contest is
@shaungerow and @akdx.
Congrats Both of You...!
😊 😊 😊



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Support!! And i buy some SIT already!

Thank You @honoru for Trusting & Supporting our Service. We'll really appreciate it. As today we're able to give you 10 shares as much as we can. As you Totally purchased 176 Shares we'll use those tokens as a Support and give you a daily Profit of 0.5 SIT and 10 SIT as Weekly profit which means 13.5 Weekly SI Tokens as Appreciation. As you know we're in initial stage More benefits are coming soon to you...!
😊 😊 😊

  ·  11 months ago 

I buy 4400 SI Token already.

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