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Rules (be sure all the requirements are completed!)

  1. Get a Steemonsters account if u still don't have one!
  2. Resteem this post so your friends will know about the giveaway!
  3. Leave a comment tagging a friend!

prize info

the winner will be announced in 7 days after the post payout!

Last 3 winners

@andrea97 @klismois @bitinvdig0

winner is

Good luck everyone!

Don't forget to follow @rollie1212 for more giveaways!


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I'm in..
Tagging my friend @flamo.. Don't miss this one!

Thanks dude ;)

I'm in.

@tanjit ... check it out.

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I am in

Join it @mahimrafu

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Resteemed :)


resteemed, thanks for this I tag dec-collector

@magdalena1b come and join us

In tagging @cryptofiloz

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I am in

thanks for the givaway. @guurry123 come join!

welcome! dont forget to resteem this time))

resteemed ;)

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@ashikstd check it.

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thanks for the tag.

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I am in. @minhaz007 too?

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Thanks for mentioning mw

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Consider me in
@harpreetjanda check this

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Steem Monsters giveaway @chris-the-batman

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I´m in, dude ^^

jo @adalger look over here! @quekerykönnte dich auch interessieren!

Resteemed and tagging @lightningjohn

Done and Done!

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Tagging my friend @laurenzannah

Hi, @rollie1212!

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@jazzhero if you're not playing already, please do so! haha

Im in and reesteem, tag @cicisaja

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  ·  3 years ago 

I'm in and tagging @sunai

I'm in! Tagging @klismois

I'm in for win the free steemmonster bosster pak and tagging my friend @juwel2018 don't miss the contents.

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I'm In this Contest tagging My Friend @nazmul1996 Please Join This Contest

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Very interesting I am tagging my friend @amir777 for join this contest

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