Coronavirus, The Culling of The Hurd

in conspiracy •  2 years ago  (edited)

The world is shuttering with the fear of Pandemic, it is starting to affect global markets and supply chains causing the DOW to fall 950 points at the opening bell today. News around the world of the impending pandemic permeates newspapers and headlines globally sparking fear into investors as the virus of fear spreads faster than the virus itself.

Cities around the world are under lockdown from Iran, Italy, Korea, and China with new cases sprouting up everywhere the virus has spread to every continent on the globe but Antarctica. For those people who have been following world events since 9/11, this is no surprise.

The New World Order is in full steam ahead mode, the Elite know that fear and death will make them millions as markets shutter, weaklings will be culled out. Millions of corporations are going to collapse across the globe causing an economic meltdown of biblical proportions and the whole time quietly these corporations will be bought up for pennies on the dollar, further establishing world dominance and control, also depopulating the planet along the way according to the UN Agenda 2030.


This Pandemic and Economic crisis will further the Agenda of the New World Order bringing them one step closer to total world dominance over your life. This is no doubt a planned and executed maneuver that will lay waste to millions of lives across the globe whitelist the elite consume the spoils of war. China has urged its citizens to go back to work today amidst a global pandemic, why? To further, infect millions of people.


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