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Sent you a little starter, I hope it will help the case.

Wishing you a super fast recovery and you and your family all the best!! Keep your head up high!!

Resteemed your post and I'm writing one for you in German too, where I'm trying to link everyone to this article

Max in power starter pack - that was the secret ingredient to my speedy recovery! dem rude bwois don't play! Thanks so much brother! I got unexpected support from the German community and that's just way past cool!

Yeah nice that some from the German train have heard the call too. I hope you won't have to much hustle to get everything sorted.

stay focus bredrin. Respect and zeen

join the donation everybody 👍

Cheers pal, I appreciate you !

@tipu upvote this post with 2 SBD

You are a living Buddha, David. Much obliged 🙏

Sorry I missed that you were in the hospital!! That's a hefty price tag for sure, so I gave my 100% upvote which doesn't amount to too much haha, but am sending a little love via my wallet as well! Wishing you well @kaliju :)

Awww thank you, Lyn, I wasn't expecting so much support from everyone. Thank you 🙏

You are most welcome! That's what friends and community is all about :) I too have been on the receiving end of steemit support and was overwhelmed and pleasantly surprised by it all :)

Get well :)

Upvoted and wish you a fast recovery.
God speed!

Thanks, means a bunch to me! Thank you.

your welcome! Hope all is well

Bro, I've sent a bit.. Wish I could do more but the grass is not green on my side either, talking about fckin money -.-

The most important thing for you is to get healthy and fresh as before ;)

A man with a golden heart...Mr. Spacely, I won't forget. Thank you 10 fold broski!

I'm just a regular-everyday-normal guy. Nothing special about me motherfucker haha <3


Done. Allow me to keep some small change in case I need to activate services.

You are a true star many times can I say thank you. Beers in on me next time. (or tea if that's your thing) 🙏

No worries. My alcohol threshold is up to water standard. So, whatever liquid I'm offered I'll get drunk easily.

amigo,pido a dios encuentre lo que necesita,se que es duro cuando no se cuenta con los recursos y uno necesitando,asi estoy viviendo yo en venezuela,sin tener nada pero siempre hay la mano amigay usted va encontrar,lamento no poder donar nada,pero rezare y pedire a la virgen del valle que salga de este mal momento,saludos y fe

Gracias! Mi no habla espanol, lo siento :/

Get well soon!
Upvoted and resteemed!


Dear friend it's very sad to see you in pain, but good to see you recovering
🌹Get Well Soon My Dear Friend🌹Although i am not So rich but it's my duty to help you first my friend.
We love you and want to see you here again very soon.
Be positive be strong.
I Love You.❤️💪


Bro! Feel better soon. I sent you a bit of love as well.

Thank you for helping me jumpstart a few months back!


You're awesome man! Thanks a bunch again :)

I was wondering where you went. Just today found out you were sick. I know what you mean about those bills. My father in-law just came out of hospital. It has left the whole family scrambling to help him out. That kind of puts me in the same place with the money issues.
I can give you a resteem and some votes. I also have 1 steem I won in a contest. It is a tiny amount but maybe if a lot of people do just a tiny bit it will help. At least enough to ease the stress about the bill just a little bit.

Aw maaan :/ I was hoping some whales would move their fins here and didn't mean to put pressure on everyone. I really appreciate your help! You didn't have to but that's really nice of you. I will not forget this @headchange

Don't worry you have getting better to be worried about.

I will not forget this

Seems like I said the same thing when you were nice to me once.
As long as my account is growing a bit each week it is good to do these things on the rare occasions when I can.
It's a pay it forward kind of thing.


i am sorry i could not help anything accept than a good health wish.

@tipu tip! 5 SBD

🙏 Shie Shie Bob shie shie! 🙏

The Steemit Community helps everyone! I gave you a 100% upvote, resteem and send you a little bit from our wallet. =) Looking forward to see you soon at home! Wishing you well!
Best regards out of the van

Thank you, magic Van people! :D I appreciate the support Sarah, totally unexpected. Thanks guys.

Best wish from cn community! Upvoted

🙏 Thanks team!

Hope you will get well soon! 🌹

🙏 With comments like this, I'm already better. Thank you.

I hope you get better soon. And maybe you can try Fundition

Thanks, fundition is always an option but maybe not for this kind of an emergency :)


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My wife speaks Mandarin...I need to learn some! Sorry :D

Pray for your speedy recovery from cn community.

🙏 You're too kind, thank you and the community 🙏

You are welcome
How do you feel now?

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Upvote this post! Hope you get well soon.


We are all stemians help each other.Happy steemit.

Always happy happy :)

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Get well soon ,upvoted and resteemed but i send very little bit also.

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@kaliju i will surely do some donation from my side. And i will collect donation as much as possible .. i hope you will recover soon..

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Got 10 SBD in my wallet that's yours, boss. I know that ain't much, but hopefully it'll add to what everyone else is already donating. I wish you a speedy recovery and hope that you can move past the bill for it soon enough!

Esperó de Corazón puedas obtener todos los recursos que necesitas Steemit en una comunidad genial donde no nos cansamos de ayudar al projimo. Saludos @kaliju y esperemos tu pronta mejoria

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  ·  4 years ago 


Just sent 20SBD.

  ·  4 years ago 

Upvoted the post, speedy recovery for you~

  ·  4 years ago 


Get well soon!

  ·  4 years ago 

Get well soon.
Semoga sihat
빨리 낫고
விரைவில் நன்கு பெற

On behalf of Chinese blogger community of Malaysia. @tipu tip! 2 SBD

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  ·  4 years ago (edited)

Sorry cant help much brother. But do hope you can fast recovery soon. Anyway you can try too.. maybe they can help you raise enough for your surgery fees.

I don't have much to help with, but I did hit you up with a full vote here, and on the nasty photo one. (no comment on that one), I will try to hit two more post tomorrow for you. All the pennies do add up after a while, and of course the hospital is going to want all those pennies in due time.

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You got a 32.77% upvote from @ocdb courtesy of @kaliju!

Good Luck. Upvoted + Resteemed

get well soon.. I do what I can do to get you on your feet again. not much but I hope it will help
get well soon @kaliju

My upvote doesn't worth much at all.
Sent to your wallet, hope you get well soon!

Dear @kaliju, I gave you a small donation in steem. I hope you will get well soon, I wish all the best.

Whoa, christ, that's terrible. Well, better than you'd be in the US, with a bill that would be in the hundreds of thousands, but still... not good. I will send you what SBD I can and will also try to get word out. It's not much, but I hope it helps.

It's not much but this is what I am able to do for now.

95803de9 Freedomshift
freedomshift transfer 10 STEEM to kaliju

All the best!

yo @kaliju I left you a message in discord.

Sorry friend i'm so poor So you can not get sbd send. But when I have a lot of sbd, I can help.

That's really tough situation. Maybe a call to @henry-gant would help?
Praying for your speedy recovery.

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Was directed by @davidke20...get well soon mate


I appreciate you

  ·  4 years ago (edited)

Do a kickstarted campaign. High SP account owners are too busy jerking each others cocks to upvote you or give you a direct donation.

Upvoted and resteemed for support anyway, hopefully there are a couple of good whales here.

@thejohalfiles hope you see this :)

We will always help you @kaliju, stay there, we are with you. Wish you all the best.

Get well soon dear friend.

Get well soon buddy! 100% voted and resteemed for visibility. Feel free to post another post (try if you need extra help to get by. We have a great community here.

Get well soonest, @kaliju. Sending prayers and Angel Blessings that hospital fee is fully paid with extra left over for follow-up care as needed.

100% upped with the tiny juice I had and resteeming. Plz also post update so we can continue to support until fully paid off.

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It must have been terrible stuck alone in agony, thank goodness you were able to get medical attention. It's a big cost, but at least you are still here. You have @derangedvisions to thank for spreading the word - I will do my best to spread the word as well and give you the best opportunity to cover those costs.

#thealliance #witness