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Ever since we released Dustsweeper we have had requests to make it possible to send gifts to other users. These requests came from experienced users wanting to help out newcomers, or users hosting contests wanting to give away Dustsweeper credits.

If you are new to @dustsweeper please check out these two posts to understand what Dust and Dustsweeper are all about:

Dustsweeper Gifts Are Now Available

The idea behind this is simple. Send an amount to @dustsweeper and tag a user, then the money will be credited to the tagged user instead of the one doing the transfer.

To avoid picking up random transfers there is a specific format to follow. If you make a mistake or if you misspell the STEEM username, the money will be credited to the sender instead.

How To Send

Transfer money with a memo using the following format:
To: @davemccoy

Here a few rules to follow:

  • The memo MUST start with the three characters to:
    • CASE is NOT important. The memo can start with TO:, To: tO: or to:
  • The word To: MUST be followed by a valid STEEM username.
    • The username can be written with or without the @symbol.
    • To: and the username can be separated with space, or not, but NOT with any other characters.
    • The username MUST be followed by a space. After that, any text can follow. The text you add won't be passed on to the user.

Here are some valid examples for sending a gift to @davemccoy. 😀

  • To: @davemccoy Here is a gift for you!!
  • to:davemccoy
  • to:@davemccoy Go and get that dust

User notifications

When you are sending a gift to another user, they will receive the following memo, confirming the transaction:
davemccoy, you have received a Dustsweeper gift from danielsaori. $X.XX of upvote value has been added to @dustsweeper. Current balance is: $X.XX of upvotes.

This is what @davemccoy will receive if I send him a gift from my account.

Send from an exchange

Not sure this is interesting for many people, but if you thought about it, you might have realized that you can now use this method to send money from an exchange. Either to top-up your own account or in case you want to send an anonymous gift to someone. 😀

Bug fixes

@cadawg reported a potential abuse situation if someone would try to send hundreds of $0.002 top-up transactions to dustsweeper, get $0.001 back with the reply transfer and get $0.004 added to the balance.

To avoid this, Dustsweeper will now subtract $0.001 before adding the transferred amount to the balance. This is active for small transfers to Dustsweeper.

dust sweeper
Designed by @charisma777

Thank You For Your Support

@dustsweeper, aka. Dusty, will soon celebrate her 1st month in action. It has been a few amazing weeks so far and we are excited to see what the future will bring.

A big thanks to all members and supporters!!

We would like to make a Shout-Out to @jackmiller and his two donations of 5 SBD each. The first 5 SBD we used in a "nominate a Friend" game, where we gave out $10 in Dustsweeper upvotes spread over 20 users. Please find the winners announcement post here: Dustsweeper $10 giveaway contest

The other 5 SBD will be used in an upcoming contest. Please stay tuned for that.

If you read this please help us send some love to @jackmiller. He is also a witness, so if you have a vote to spare, consider voting for him. Thanks!!


Dustsweeper is growing quickly and @davemccoy and I are excited to see the response. Here is a brief overview of the latest statistics:

  • 350 Users are registered.
  • $600 in total outstanding upvote balance for all users.
  • A total of $85 saved from turning into dust.

dustsweeper banner red

ps. If you wonder about the cool @dustsweeper graphics above, they were all designed by @charisma777. Please check out her post: https://steemit.com/dust/@charisma777/a-gift-for-dustsweeper

Please consider voting me as a Witness.

Vote for @danielsaori

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Very awesome! Hopefully you guys can get enough Steem Power.

That's a great new feature to offer @danielsaori! Something nice we can do for fellow minnows to help them make every penny count!


I'm so glad to see this! I'm sure that it would also lighten your load a little bit. So that's a good thing. I have a quick question if you have any time, how do I check my balance or somebody else's balance so that they don't run out?

At the moment there is no way to check the balance other than doing a new transfer. But you will be notified in a comment when your balance is running low.

You will shortly be able to do this via Discord, where you can query a Dustsweeper bot for your balance and other stats.

I noticed you sent me 2 SBD, can I send it back so you can give out the gifts yourself?

I am a man with only two eyes. I can only see so many ways to use it. It is my gift to you, to use however you see fit. Keep it if you want, you deserve it. Time is so valuable, and you have spent yours helping(and enabling others to help) so many people here. You do truthfully deserve it, and so much more. Thank you my dear friend. As always I send yous all of my love. And offer all my encouragement and support when I can. I hope you have a wonderful day.

Thanks for doing this @danielsaori.

I have a couple of questions - if "The text you add won't be passed on to the user" why would we want to add any text?

What if the person we send a gift to has never heard of dust sweeper? They might not have a clue what to do. Could you add something to the notification to explain what it's for or at least suggest they go somewhere to find out?

Also, is it possible to find out if someone is already a member so we can gift to people who haven't yet signed up?

Thanks1 😊

That's true, there is no point in adding any additional text. But many people are doing it and I wanted to highlight that this is not passed along in the memo to the receiving user.

I'm happy you mention a potential lack of info in dustsweeper's gift transfer memo. I was about to include the URL to the FAQ post, but I also didn't want to make it too long. If people go to dustsweeper's blog I hope they quickly will get an idea what it is all about. But instead of the URL, maybe a "visit Dustweeper's blog for more info" would be better. Please let me know what you think.

Thanks for the extra information @danielsaori.

I think I would leave the bit about current value out as it's likely to be the same as the previous sentence and if they don't know what dustweeper is it won't mean anythign anyway.

Maybe say something like "for more information ask 'gift givers name' or visit @dustsweeper's blog".

I like that, it’s a very good suggestion. Will try to change that asap.

Awesome job here @danielsaori! I know you spent a lot of time to get this feature to work and people are going to love it! (communities are going to find it very helpful as a giveaway too) ;)

Thanks to @jackmiller for his contribution in the previous contest. Hi @danielsaori, does it mean that I can use the giveaway as a contest gift (if I run a contest or someone else's contest)?

Hi Dipoabasch! Yes, you can use it in any way you like. Just perform the transfer as described above to send a gift to another STEEM user.

Thank you... This Dusty worth than just sending a 0.50 SBD to a newbie.

Thank you's @danielsaori, @davemccoy and @charisma777
I gifted @scottshots tonight with a nice new broom for
spring cleaning with a @dustsweeper's present :-)
He does a lot for the photography community!

Yes!!!! Thanks @Danielsaori and @davemccoy for working so hard to get Dusty the tools needed to clean that dust!!!

Thank you Charisma! We do our best to keep Dusty happy, so he/she doesn't get bored of cleaning all that dust. :)

Why am i not getting upvotes from @dustsweeper even after sending 3sbd
Over a week now my dustvotes did not get upvoted by dustsweeper
Please why?

I've just sent some SDB to test the service for the first time.

Super! Let me know if you have any questions

Silly me, through clicking links I replied to the wrong post, that being an old one! Did you noticed @doomsdayschassis! ;) Copy’n’pasted and updated it here since the gifting service is now available!

Thank you @danielsaori , dustsweeper first came to my attention in the creative chat run each Monday on the steemit ramble discord channel. I’d only caught the tailend of the discussion, so I was still unclear what it meant. It wasn’t until I saw a comment by @doomsdaychassis recommending someone else use it because it all adds up, that I’d thought to give it a go. I was surprised it was so easy to get started and it’s been effectively upvoting all my dusty payouts. :)

Love this service, so you have my teeny tiny Witness vote! Also, appreciate this gifting feature as it’ll be handy to prompt others on the usefulness of this service.

I’m still unclear why our transfer gets doubled. Where are the funds coming from out of this? I’m curious...

Replied to the other comment. Dropping the link here in case someone else reads this post.

Thank you! I replied to your reply in that link with just one more clarification needed. Hopefully, I got the concept.

Where I come from we have a saying about stuff like this. "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth." Never looked into what it rally meant in the begining but I know that now it means just be happy you are getting something free

I’m all for freebies, but it’s more that I’m wanting to understand how is it free. It’s helpful when you can explain it to others it’s a fabulous service for real reasons and not a figment of my warped imagination on how I think it works... :P

Your project is quite interesting. Vote value below 0.02 are worthless as they don't get any payout. I am going to join it.

And I had no idea that posts less than 2 cent didn't get a payout. I got a payout before with post with 2 cents, posts even with a penny got a payout. I wonder why all of a sudden Steemit stopped paying you for low earning posts

  ·  4 years ago (edited)

Awesome! Thanks for providing the tools for us to support newbies that may not have the sbd to take their posts out of dust. Great job D & D!! :)

Edited: Just realized I should have said D,D & D!

D,D&D!! I like that 😉 3D

Would it be ok to run a promotion within my group,
Along the lines of 25 penny votes on comments to those who Send the 1sbd to dustsweeper for themselves of for a friend. the group at the moment is under 100 (92)

Of course, we are happy for all the promotion of Dustsweeper. Basically, the more the merrier... ;)
We try to adjust the SP as good as we can to match the demand so we should be able to manage.

After reading about @dustsweeper a few weeks ago and now again on #payitforward I am following you. Going to read your earlier posts to understand how dust works. Thank you in advance @danielsaori

Oh I've been waiting for this!! What a great gift to be able to give someone, and a wonderful advertisement for Dusty, my new sweetheart:) I can't believe I've been seeing her for a month already; I hear she gets around though...I don't think I'm the only one ;)

@wolfhart? Did you see this?

  ·  4 years ago (edited)

No I missed it . Thanks for pointing it out
I do have @danielsaori for a witness but forgot to follow him . This is great news and one I will use to help out newbies .
I just gave you a dust vote . I hope you are using dustsweeper . LOL

I hope you read @davemccoy comment he made yesterday a must read

Okay I will give it a try when I needed to send someone a gift! Thank you for this service

Happy to hear that Aamir.
Send gifts and some love to your friends!

This is good news. I was thinking of ways to fund a @dustsweeper account for users in a giveaway I am planing. I was going to go with providing them the cash and then they could send it in. Its nice to have the option of sending it to @davemccoy as well.

I got my first credit from a giveaway when this feature didn't exist yet, and I had to send the SBD myself afterwards. This is a great feature, and will make giveaways much easier!

By the way, two of my posts' comments were saved from dust already. Woohoo!

Happy you like it and great you could save some dust.

This is a phenomenal update! Great work, guys! 🤗🤗🤗

Awesome.... I just Know you by @myserchisover :)

  ·  4 years ago (edited)

This sounds awesome! Can some one send me $$$omething to see that this is working? ;))

Great, I had a candidate in mind, so giving it a shot.

Congratulations! You were the first one using the new feature. :)

Glad I found this service, when my low earning posts were jumping to zero, I was super frustrated for not knowing why Steemit was doing this, plus, I was losing a lot of money once you added it up, now I can make up for all the lost revenue

PS, one of my posts has reached 6 days old and it was not upvoted, anyone know why>

Howdy, Tip's his hat,
I have a couple of quick questions.
Q, 1. On the voting for the 1sbd, we get 71 votes to our comment for this, when the votes are getting low we are notified through the wallet that our votes are getting low and advisable to top up. It has being asked how many votes remain when this notice is given. I would like to be able to return with an amount of votes left as an answer to them in the PYPT on Steemit Ramble.

Q, 2. From myself, with the falling price of crypto in general this might place a strain on Dusty. If so is there anything the community can do to assist? bearing in mind most do not have anything to delegate.

Also check out the code from @bashadow below

This comment protected by @dustsweeper

Hey my posts have not been getting upvoted, what's going on?

You and @davemccoy are heroes. Seriously.

Ohooo nyc and i like you guift

Now i know all the power of steem

I think my @dustsweeper balance is incorrect.

Yesterday I transfered 1.451 STEEM to dustsweeper, and I received a message indicating that $2.465 of upvote value has been added to my balance.

However, today I received another message by transfer telling me that my balance is below $0.028. During that time, I only received 10 upvotes from dustsweeper.

I’m away now but I’ll look into it as soon as I can

Hi Ropaga, I have credited your account now.
It was a weird issue. For some reason, your transfer was not added to your balance, although the confirmation looked in order. I have increased the logging level now to hopefully be able to catch this if it happens again.

Apologies for the inconvenience!

Thanks for keep providing that good service.

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