New age religion.

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New age religion is the idea that the universe contains within it some sort of vital life force supposedly kindled by the collective consciousness of humanity and other life forms. It is technically pantheism. It was introduced to the love generation in the 60s by the Beatles. It's roots are Hinduism and other forms of Eastern mysticism. It is compatible with Buddhism, confucianism and paganism, the most popular iterations today of which are mother earth environmentalism and Norse mythology. It is decidedly anti-theistic to such a degree that I refer to it as functional atheism.

As a Christian theist it is the primary belief system I encounter in my efforts to proclaim the truth of the proposition that Jesus Christ is a personal living God who created the universe and the life within it and that during the 1st century he incarnated himself as a man, died and rose again from the dead. My proposition is met by various new age practitioners with anger, pity, ridicule and logical fallacies. It is never met with evidence or inductive reasoning or a logical syllogism as to its truth. In fact in my interactions with its practitioners I find myself having to define truth prior to pursuing it because one of its creeds is that truth is a relative concept and is determined within the mind. Your truth is your truth and so on.

Typically it's adherents are liberal secular humanists. They buy into Darwinism. The doctrine that defines them is their stance on personal morality. Since they reject a personal moral creator to whom we are accountable their source of goodness is believed to be the collective consciousness of the universe which of course has not revealed itself to anyone in any discernable way so realistically the source is individual. Like true atheism it allows its adherents to make the rules by which they live. Sin does not exist because God does not exist. It's virtues are tolerance and inclusiveness.

It considers judgment anathema. It's effects on our society are open borders, appeasement of criminal behavior, acceptance of various non Biblical practices like promiscuity, abortion for convenience, un-natural sexual behaviors, the primacy of psychiatry as a tool to transform abnormal behavior, collectivism, globalism, the rejection of national sovereignty, the primacy of the State in the determination of human rights and what is referred to as social justice. In other words it is the primary belief system that gave us the man who proclaimed yesterday that 2020 would be a great year.

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