CoinGecko Is On Steemit! Woot Woot!

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@CoinGecko is here


That's right Steemians.

This is great news for Steem and Steemit. Another step in the right direction. @ned do you know about this good news? It would be nice if you can welcome them too!

The creation date on SteemD says they're here way before today but don't let that fool you. I believe the account was reserved for them and CoinGecko started managing the account two days ago.

As part of @steemitweekly, my co-editors and I read a lot of Steemit articles. We find news-worthy articles by our beloved Steemians and post a Sunday weekly for everyone to get up to date and entertained.

But I can't wait for 3 more days to let y'all know about this wonderful update so here it goes...

Introducing CoinGecko

Here's a quick link to their introduction.

And of course we need to verify their account. It's a big deal because we don't want just anyone impersonating them.

They verified they are on Steemit on their Twitter page.


Doing this from the get go is really helpful for steemcleaners, cheetah, and all of us.

Verifying authenticity on Steemit makes it legit and also a great gateway for CoinGecko supporters to check out Steemit.

We appreciate CoinGecko's announcement of being here on Steemit.

Blockchain technology needs a wide adoption; CoinGecko being on the forefront of adopting it on top of their amazing job at aggregating crypto information in real time is phenomenal.

Events Calendar - The Other Great Feature

If you're only using CoinGecko to track your cryptos, there is another feature on their website that I find is a gem - Events Calendar.



There's a lot happening in cryptosphere this October so check out their Events Calendar and see which one is near you.


Welcome to Steemit, CoinGecko. You're officially a CoinGecko Steemian!

We're excited to include you in our community.

Steem on!

All images from CoinGecko's website and official Twitter page

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Thanks for the shoutout! We're stoked to see what the Steem community and us can offer each other.

Do check out our Newsletter too at to receive daily cryptocurrency news and quick price updates straight from us too. We hope that you'll find them very useful.

We're glad to consider ourselves a Steemian now by the Steem community!😉

Thank you for joining us!

The different communities here will definitely be a good user-base. If you partner up with Utopian on the Visibility category, we can get some of the Steemians with plenty of following on other social media to spread the word for you. That would be awesome.

And yes, I do get the newsletter :)

howdy there lovenfreedom! well this looks like a very important addition to the community, a very practical one. Thanks for letting us know!

Howdy sir! It is indeed an important addition. It's the only outside institution I know of that joined Steemit. We see coinmarketcap mentions and now that they're here, I'd like to see most of the Steemians use CoinGecko.

howdy again lovenfreedom! well I just went and followed them so I won't miss anything that they put out. Thanks for alerting us!

Another huge positive for the steemverse

Definitely positive! Hopefully more businesses join after this.

CoinGecko is my go to when I need to check on steem/sbd so this is fantastic news :D
And I didn't know you were co-editor at @steemitweekly... very cool :)